Friday, November 02, 2007

Christmas is coming the goose is getting fat...

Unbelievable! Since April, I've written 113 articles for Suite101. I've been working on some Christmas articles that may or may not be of interest to all of you.

I've written an article about transitioning from Thanksgiving to Christmas called Teaching Your Child to Give.

I wrote an article about the candles in the Advent wreath and included verses suitable for reading at the lighting of each candle.

An article that was fun and easy to write was Have a Junk Store Christmas.

I am working on articles related to Christmas hymns. I've published one on The Origination of Silent Night and will soon post one on The Hallelujah Chorus.

I've written a review of a collection of three short Christmas stories by Louisa May Alcott.

Here are a couple of children's picture book reviews:

The Night Before Christmas illustrated by Gennady Spirin
Cricket in the Manger by Edith Hope


  1. Anonymous4:23 PM

    You have been busy. I read the Louisa May Alcott review, I've not read anything of hers except Little Women.

    We might do an advent wreath this year again, we did last year.

  2. Great article on teaching children to give. For our playgroup last year (we took the kids to an Adult Daycare which at the time we didn't know was for physically and mentally disabled people) to hand out Christmas cards. Afterwards, I realized how good this was for the children and adults. At the age the children were, they hadn't learned any fears or anything so they didn't discriminate.

    I like that idea of giving the animal, but I have never done that yet.

  3. I enjoyed all your articles... but I especially enjoyed the one about the Origination of Silent Night... I love that song and to hear how it originated was most interesting..
    thank you for posting these articles..
    you are a very talented lady!!

  4. Will read--must got o bed.

  5. Well done on your writing. I really loved the Thrift Store Christmas - lots of lovely ideas.

  6. Wow. You HAVE been busy.

    I have some catching up to do on all of your articles!

  7. All three of our kids did silhouettes as their Christmas gift to us in 2nd grade, and they are lovingly framed and hung in our hallway. I love how you did yours, of the two girls - what a treasure.

  8. 'The Quiet Little Woman' sounds delightful.

    I loved 'Little Women' of course. And tried to read a biography of Louisa May. But had to stop. Her father and her puritanical upbringing were so horrid that I couldn't bear to learn more of her real circumstances. Yishhhhhhhhhh...