Wednesday, October 31, 2007

halloween, college, dress-up clothes, love - retrospective

Halloween 1990 (if I have my dates right). The year that around here is referred to as the year of the Halloween Blizzard. My friends and I were going to dress-up and fool around. It started snowing (it was actually rather deep by night time) and I had the idea to dress-up for Halloween and when people opened their doors we sang Christmas Carols to them. It really confused people. We had a lot of mixed responses.

I am the masked figure, - S is to my left, my bil is to my right, and S's sister is the hippy chick.

My friends and I were the oddballs on campus. S the guy with the beard and his sister were sort of the center of it. Their last name ended with an -esch - and so our group was called the -esch Mode (their last name) like Depeche Mode by outsiders. We called ourselves family. To this day if I run into people who from college they will say 'Oh, you were part of the -esch Mode.' If conversations run to mutual friends you might hear 'Oh, they were sort of part of the -esch Mode.'

S's sister is the recipient of the commission I posted earlier.

Sometimes I have mixed feelings about our rather exclusive group - but college was fun.

One night, we ran all over campus posing and having a friend take pictures of us. A lot of the poses are ideas taken from album covers - I have loads of these shots and they are among my favorites.

Hubby is in the middle - isn't he adorable? K is in front, I am to the left, hubby's sister is on top of him, and one of the Jens is to the right.

Which direction?

Weird hair night at the SUB. Any excuse was enough for my friends and I to go all out weird. K, me, and Tony. Tony is still dear to me. Everyone so often we go through a spate of emailing each other. He is married to a remarkable woman.

Mike married my SIL. I think I did his hair and make-up that night - in fact, I think he is wearing my lipstick.

The man who would be K's husband. They have three adorable children now.

I think K and I were waitresses for some theme night

K's roommate Wendy, K, me. Any excuse to dress-up was good enough for us.

My first date, sort-of, with hubby. We weren't exactly dating yet but he invited K and I to see Dances with Wolves with him and his friend Paul. K and I made a big deal out of the night and borrowed sweaters from hubby - he had a lot of grey and black sweaters. I think the hat I am wearing was his too.

The photo below is shortly after I started dating my hubby. Someday, perhaps, I will share the story - but not today. I think it must have been Hawaiian night if you can judge by the leis. I have several photos of hubby looking at me in adoration - I love them. Judging by the notepad in his lap, he is probably supposed to be studying for an engineering class.

I'm sure K took the photo - she is as much a photo-holic as me.


  1. Wow, you have so many great memories there! I love all the clothes, especially the sweaters.

    Thanks for your comment yesterday. I just talked to a person today who was talking about a person she knows with anorexia who she wishes would just snap out of it. I immediately thought of your comment.

  2. Anonymous10:10 AM

    Cool photos. I have lots of photos like these from university [1991-94], some have good memories some not so good. It's funny how my university photos can evoke such strong feelings in me. Good and bad.

  3. too funny! loved it!!

  4. great memories... and loving to take pictures like you do is a good thing... because it saves your memories for you (you can take them out any time and remember the great friends you have)
    loved to share the memories with you!!

  5. This was a fun read - loved seeing all of the photos and reading the stories - sounds like you had (HAVE) some great friends!

    The Halloween snowstorm: I worked from 5am to 7am doing computer backups for a company about a block from my hubby's workplace. I was getting ready to leave, and he came rushing into the building. He had driven the Vette to work and heard that by afternoon we'd have freezing rain or snow, so he traded cars with me and told me to put the Vette in the storage garage. It was like 70 plus degrees out at 7 am - I thought he was crazy!!! The next morning I got up to head out to work and couldn't get the doors open because of all the snow drifted against the house. That was crazy - kind of a "do you remember where you were when..."