Friday, October 05, 2007

October last year

I didn't do this last month because my in-laws were here - and it is late this month - oh well.

Some great photos on a walk at Egret Park. The first one is one that I sent in some Christmas cards last year.

The depths of my eccentricity. I've always been fascinated by stumps as memorials to the trees that once stood there. However, I had never taken a photo of one that I liked until I took this photo. I was thrilled with myself. See I am a dork. :)

I've taken a number of photos of mushrooms again this fall. I think mushrooms are very cool.

We went to the apple orchard with my sister A. The girls had a blast. They've talked about it all year - we are doing it again later this month.

After the apple orchard I took loads of apple core photos.

I made loads of these bears for Christmas gifts. The calico ones were made from my girls old receiving blankets. The grey ones were made from my Grandpa M's coat.

We took lots of walks last fall at Egret Park. It is a great little park with a manageable walking trail if you don't want a long walk with two girls. Plus I love the fallen leaves and trees in this park.

This photo was one used in Christmas cards too. I usually print up several different sets of photos and different people get different ones depending on their relationship to our family and their interests.

Last September we went to the pumpkin farm with my parents. We had loads of fun so we went again in October. While we were there the second time I got a chance to photograph this adorable old horse. I thought he was the cutest and snuggliest looking horse.


  1. you are a very cool dork!

  2. And I like you.

  3. I just went back and caught up on your photos and posts during the time I was gone. You are an amazing photographer and your little girls are so beautiful! I love all the old photos, too.

  4. I really like the 4th grey bear. What a cute expression.

  5. These are wonderful! I like your stump photo too!

  6. Wow. I wish I was a dork like you!

  7. So beautiful!

    Those bears are ADORABLE!!

  8. I can certainly tell that you get great pleasure out of your photography....
    And I really enjoy sharing them with you...

  9. It's really amazing to look back just one year, isnt' it?! I'm so sorry you had trouble posting again. I'm going to take the "code word" off (what do they call that thing?) and see if that makes things easier. I see so many *not* using it, and they never get hit with spam ... I'll try being liberated! ;o)

    I'm so glad you got your sinus problem diagnosed but so sorry that you're still sick! Take care of yourself!!

    Hugs to you ~

  10. Hmm ~ boy ~ do you think I could have used the word "so" just one more time - lol!

  11. Mmm, that's quite the tree stump. Did it take 3 tries, to get it down, I wonder?

    And yes, mushrooms are soooo cooool. But I've never been able to capture them. Wannna' know the sad secret of this? 'Cause if I got down prone on the ground, to snap them... I'd never get back up again! ,-) Well, maybe not never. But with a whole lot of difficulty. More difficulty than the photo op would be worth. ,-)

    And I must go look back on my last Oct. entries. You are the second one who has done this. That is part of the fun of on-line-journaling... looking back a year.

    Well... here, it only goes back one year. But in another venue, I have more years to look back on...