Tuesday, October 02, 2007

the first time around was so much fun!!

Sharing photos was fun so here are some more.

In answer to Mimi's question. The shoot fell through. We are going to try again on the thirteenth.

My Dad when he was three. Isn't this the most adorable photo?

My Dad's senior picture.

My youngest sister B and our dog Bonnie (named after Bonnie Blair the speed skater). B was lamenting I had posted no photos of her. I dug through the stuff I have here and don't have any of the beautiful shots my Uncle C took of her when she was around nine months. Speaking of Uncle C, sometime I will have to go to the files and get the scans I made of some 8X10 BW's he took of me and D when we were young.

My middle sister A with our dog Teddy Bear (notice older sibling with attitude).

Notice the linoleum.

This is a favorite photo of my Mom. She likes it because of the story behind it. Kansas is taken from the name of an Indian tribe - the Kansa Indians. Kansa means 'people of the south wind.' Kansas could be very windy.

This day was extremely windy. Mom thought it was too windy to be outside but I begged, and begged, and begged so finally she let me go out. She said I wasn't out more than ten minutes when she looked out and there I was sound asleep in the wagon with my favorite blanket.

This is my Grandma M (paternal grandmother). I had to scan this one because the background shows the trees around our house. We lived on an old rather decrepit farm about two miles outside of Almena, Kansas. There was a wild feeling to the place.

I think my Uncle C took this photo. I was around the sixth grade in this one.

Hiking in the Rockies. We took camping vacations. We would perch the camera on a rock and Dad would set the timer and then run.

A photo I took of my parents. I love it cause it captures their personalities. This photo is 17 years ago, I believe.

My sister A graduated from the eighth grade the night of this photo. I had recently graduated from HS. D would have been a sophomore and B - she is eight years younger than I so where does that put her? You can see Grandpa M (my paternal grandfather). Grandma was taking the photo.

The previous photo was taken the same night at the reception.

A sophomore with loads of attitude. I have an asymmetrical cut here - can't tell in this photo so much. One woman at school kept a list of kids she thought were on drugs. I was one of them. a.) Because I lost weight too quickly that year (I restricted myself to a thousand calories - not sure how I managed) b.) Because of this haircut.

This is for everyone who reads my Uncle's blog.

My Uncle P (UP) from My Tippy. BTW if you go to the blog you can see a photo of me as a infant sitting with Tippy. You can also see pics of my Sis, my BIL, and my Dad participating in the Harvest Hammer Run with my UP.

Some of you may remember that we visited UP and his wife AP this summer. The girls keep talking about wanting to go back and visiting them. In fact, last week the girls were playing going to Uncle P's. However, K couldn't seem to grasp that it was pretend, got upset, and cried as if her heart was breaking because she really, really wanted to go visit Uncle P.


  1. These are wonderful--the stories are fun. Our family took lots of cropped photos--with the heads or other body parts cropped randomly.

  2. This *is* a lot of fun. I enjoy getting a peek into people's lives. :o) In these photos you and your daughter look even more alike!

    Also, I'm glad to see your Uncle P has beaten the infection; praying the yeast overgrowth in his throat clears soon!

  3. Oh, such wonderful pictures!

    Keep 'em coming.

  4. fun pictures! it's always interesting to see the history!!!

  5. I didn't know you could diagnose drug use by haircuts. :0) I'll keep that in mind. I'm so glad that you have that great picture of you sleeping in the wagon.

    And that lineleum is something else!!!

    Thanks for sharing. I also just wanted to alleviate your fears that you might be saying something insensitive. I have found that almost all bloggers think before they comment and have only received helpful, encouraging comments from bloggers. It is family and close friends who are being weird with us.

  6. Hi Me, Love the pictures and the time travel. I am astounded by how much C looks like you. I envy it, none of my children carry my traits that strong -- most of them look more like my husband's sisters.

    Also, I am almost finished your clutch -- love the blue and green together -- I am just playing around with the button closures right now so I should have it done asap. My email is krina underscore ulmer at hotmail dot com -- I will get it out in the mail soon.

    Sorry for the delay -- I misjudged some stairs and got a badly spained ankle as a reward -- still trying to catch up to life.


  7. Melissa - this is so fun!!! I love just looking at the photos, but your stories make them so interesting. Thanks! I just started going through old family photos to scan so my sibs can have copies - I'm guessing some of them will end of on my blog too! I liked your idea of doing this - I think it might become a regular feature once I get started!!