Friday, September 07, 2007

september 4

September 4 was C's first day of kindergarten and her sixth birthday.

She was very nervous.

We had a picnic for C's birthday party.

bright eyes

Children love to be alone because alone is where they know themselves, and where they dream. Roger Rosenblatt

If you want to see what children can do, you must stop giving them things. Norman Douglas

I love the versatility of a child's imagination. This is a house.

C wanted a Cinderella wedding dress so her Grammy bought her a first communion dress. The veil is a little one's tutu! :)

C blows out her candles (shot without a flash).


  1. Lovely photos all. But I especially love the no-flash effect...with the candles. Somehow, I just _love_ this sort of an effect. I suppose there is a correct term for it, but I don't know it. :-)


  2. Gorgeous photos--really, I mean it--exquisite!(sp). You have a beautiful daughter and I believe you caught a part of the real her on film. Thanks for your comment at my blog today.... yes, curb finds are marvelous! :) Probably half of our house is decorated in 'modern curb' style. Blessings, Debra

  3. Happy Belated 6th Birthday to C and best wises for an exciting year of kindergarten. That first day can be stressful for child and mom alike.

    re: Rosenblatt quote ~ I love to watch my children when they are unaware ~ truly precious moments.

    I agree with Mari-Nanci; that last picture is quite lovely. And your girls are beautiful! :o)

  4. Happy Belated 6th Birthday C ! Our niece Alexis went to kindergarten this year and she kept telling us" I'm NOT going to school" all summer when she got to school she was fine :)

    I love your photos they look great in black and white.

  5. Those are wonderful! I hope it wasn't too bad to have your first day of school also be your birthday. I guess that might be fun to a child.

  6. Just beautiful--all of it. (Rachel's latest dress up dresses are old prom dresses and bridesmaid dresses--because she is too big for the little girl dresses but wants to dress up anyway. Happy 6th!!!

  7. She's such a lovely little girl and your photography is perfect as always.

  8. Anonymous2:52 PM

    Aww cute photos. Is 6 the starting age for school in the US?

    B started school proper when she was 4, she started nursery which is part of the school (1/2 days) when she was 3. In UK most kids start when they are 4 in reception class...and many start when they are 3 as the government funds 12.5 hours a week in nursery. My little L has started nursery 1/2 days, she looks so tiny in her school uniform (she's only 3).

  9. Sarah, Children can begin preschool at three or four and kindergarten at five. However, in order to keep the age disparity to a limit-you have to turn the correct age by September 1. C's birthday is September 4. As a result, C is much older than many of her classmates. We could have tried petitioning the school. However, it would have required extensive testing and interviews. Being older isn't necessarily a bad thing (I was older for my class too). As a result, we decided to let her go when six rather than five.

    She did have a year of preschool last year.

    K is three and will have preschool next year shortly after she turns four - she will be very young for her class as her birthday is right before the end of the school year. The preschool curriculum doesn't change much from year to year and so we don't feel it is necessary to have them enrolled for two years. Especially since the girls are attending a private school - it is more money.

  10. Anonymous9:44 AM

    Yes the September turning point is the same here in the UK. B is one of the youngest as her birthday is 21 August.

  11. McDonald's picnics...those are the best. Happy birthday C - and beautiful pictures, me. So lovely, and reflective.

  12. Happy belated birthday to C! It looks like the perfect day. I love your photos - you capture so much feeling - "realness"? - it's like their personality comes right through. I like the quotes too - perfect.