Saturday, June 30, 2007

a year ago

This morning I was looking for a particular photo and found myself sorting through the files for last July. Suddenly I realized that these photos were from a year ago. It seemed incredible to me. Many of the shots brought memories that feel current - as if the photos were a few weeks ago not a year ago. It made me think I should look at old shots every so often. I live in a world of favorites and shots from the last few weeks.

BUT - this is why I take photos - for the emotions these evoked and the thoughts and events they recalled. I guess I should make the most of it. These were some of my favorites from last July.

I just plain like this shot.

You can't create this set-up - you just see it. And it isn't at all obvious when you are sitting in a tomato patch as when you see it framed up in a image and converted to black and white. I remember seeing it and hoping I could get what I saw. I framed it up in the camera and bracketed the shot to make sure I got the right light without blowouts or too much loss of detail...and of course there were additional shots to compensate for the wind that shifted leaves and let in light spots I didn't want.

This was on the fourth of July. We had such a relaxing holiday last year. Hubby was off on Monday and Tuesday. We went to the playground, we picnicked, and we just hung out. This was in the front yard before we went to see fireworks. I took a lot of pictures of the girls that afternoon and they are some of my favorite photos of them from last year. Perhaps it is because my Mom made the outfits and these were the first photos I took of the outfits.


Is this one of your memories?

Something about light and sprinklers is gorgeous.

Do you remember drinking out of faucets when you were young? And isn't that belly adorable?

This sunflower volunteered in the front yard in the stump remains of the spruce that had come down during the autumn storms the year before. It put me in mind of the sunflowers I grew at our old house and so I dug out a plot of grass in the backyard for sunflowers. This spring I covered the stump up with dirt and put rocks around it and planted it with sunflowers too. Soon you will be up to your eyeballs in sunflower photos.

For most of the summer, the girls would play dress-up in these outfits that Grandma H had bought them when were in CA that May.

I spent my early Sunday morning before church under the cherry tree watching this spider build his web between the leaves of my tomato plants.

The light and the remembrance of childhood in this photo captured me. And for those who wonder about the light - we have a mirror on the front porch behind the flowers - in the mornings you get the sun reflecting off of it.

I made thirty beaded dragonflies and about eight beaded spiders.

I was obsessed with capturing the feeling of butterflies in flight.

I remember I left this photo dark on purpose - it felt so magical to me.

Grandpa Glen spent a morning blowing grass whistles for the girls. It brought out a playfulness in him we don't often see. Often he is depressed, or bitter, or needy - playful isn't often a skill available to him.

If life were a thing that money could buy,
The rich would live and the poor would die.
But God in His mercy made it so
That the rich and the poor together must go.


  1. Anonymous12:27 AM

    *sigh* I wish I could take photos like that!

    Photographs do evoke such memories and they bring a little tear to my eye.

    I love to make grass whistles too.

    My little ones dress up constantly as princesses.

  2. You have, I think, captured what the essence of photograph is about. Your shots are timeless!

    I'm going to have to lift a few of your images for Things I Found In The Blogosphere. Without doubt they fall in the TREASURES category.

    To the point of my comment, I've published a new edition of A Hitchhiker's Guide To The Blogosphere. Your site has been included.

    It's been awhile since I've published much photography in The Gonzo Papers. Should you come for a visit you may want to hit some of the posts I've chosen for the sidebar. There are more likely to be photos I've taken there.

    Keep up the great work; I'll look forward to visiting you again.


  3. Your pictures leave me breathless!

    You are one very busy, very productive woman!

  4. Stunning! I love all of them as well, but the one of Grandpa Glen is more than timeless! It's truly a treasure of the unexpected! Neat, neat pics!!!

  5. The funny thing about old photographs -- the feelings sort of catch me off guard. I just ran across some pics of our two boys when Jon was a newborn and Josh was almost 2. They were so adorable together; it made my heart hurt to look at them.

    Thank you for letting us peek into your memories. I can't get over how much your girls have grown ... that's another thing about looking at old pictures - we become so aware of the passage of time. How does it slip away each day without us noticing? :o)

  6. Photographs. Wonderful memories. Thank you for sharing. And next July, you can look back on those you take, this July. :-)


  7. Wow. I have been reading for nearly a year! My goodness. These are still wonderful but your pictures are getting better.