Wednesday, February 14, 2007

things made

I found these card dividers for 49 cents while the MIL was here. I am having fun with them. I am using both front and back. The front of A and B include excerpts from a really old typing manual that I found while the MIL was here too.

A wooden box picked up at the thrift store, painted and decoupaged to hold my seeds after I order them and before I plant them (as I will order them this month and won't get to plant until May). This still needs the final coats of poly which will definitely smooth out the roughness.

Candle cozies. The sleeves of old wool sweaters around canning jars and jam jars.

These pictures were taken in near darkness trying to make it possible to see how cool they are with the votives lit and twinkling inside the cans - they are crummy pictures. But I posted them for two reasons. One reason I won't say. The second reason is because they are part of that Christmas journey this year. Twenty for Ca to give to the ladies' as they leave after the party and as decor during the party. (I realize now these are barely recognizable.)


  1. Anonymous3:03 PM

    Lovely I just loved them :)

  2. The candle cozies are genius!

  3. Oh! I love it all!

  4. The card dividers sure are a good buy! And I like your candles - what lovely ideas.

  5. All is lovely!
    ...I like how you keep things close to your heart...not everything needs to be shared in our posts...

  6. In my 'No more snow pics' entry in my blog, you said: "I like seeing the progress of the burial of the lawn furniture!!" Giggles, I think that's so cute!

    But I really don't want to have any more such 'progress reports' to photograph, this Winter. ,-)