Thursday, February 15, 2007

for those who love James Herriot

At the peak of the evening I was jockeying my way around the floor with Daphne and the way she was constructed made it a rewarding experience. I never have been one for skinny women but I suppose you could say that Daphne's development had strayed a little too far in the other direction. She wasn't fat just lavishly endowed.

Battling through the crush, colliding with exuberant neighbors, bouncing deliciously off Daphne, with everybody singing as they danced and the Hot Shots pouring out an insistent boom-boom beat, I felt I hadn't a care in the world. And then I saw Helen.

She was dancing with the inevitable Richard Edmundson, his shining gold head floating above the company like an emblem of doom. And it was uncanny how in an instant my cozy little world disintegrated leaving a chill gnawing emptiness.


  1. I have never read Herriot, although my father has. I must say, after getting this little snippet here, I am intrigued...

  2. I remember reading those words.

  3. "She wasn't fat just lavishly endowed."

    I'm not familiar with this author. But if he writes like this, I guess I should be. :-)

    And thank you for commenting that you liked the old pic of me, in my high chair. Actually, I did look pretty adorable then, didn't I?

    But... then in a very few years {that one of me at about 5 yrs., in with a class of school kids} my innate grumpiness had come out. -giggles-


  4. Anonymous11:09 PM

    Lol, did you ever get the British TV programme All Creatures Great and Small...I always wanted to be able to play the piano intro.

    If you like James Herriot you'll love Gervase Phinn.