Monday, February 26, 2007

mixed media

I thought 'mixed media' would be a clever title for this photo.

Two canvas's featuring melted crayons a delightfully fun technique that I was turned on to by Lisa.

The bee canvas includes one of my all time favorite quotes:
"Nothing is more like a soul than a bee. It goes from flower to flower as a soul goes from star to star, and brings back honey as a soul brings back light." (III.1.iii) Victor Hugo

This clipboard uses drywall compound, crayons, and bee's wax (I tried bee's wax the for the first time this weekend and I love it). I also love drywall compound - fabulous texture!! The hymn is 'Now Thank We All Our God.'

This clipboard was created with Wendy on my mind.

I thought that this was a terribly cool clipboard when I found it. The recipe is a photocopy of one that was written by my paternal grandmother for 'Snicker Cake.'

A 'random stuff' box. I bought this box at a thrift store when my MIL was here - she thought I was nuts at lunch as I suddenly took a butter knife and started hacking at the box and then took pin-style floral frogs and banged them against it. I love how it turned out!!

Okay - I find 'Everyone His Own Weather Prophet' to be highly amusing.

Okay perhaps I am the world's biggest dip but the phrases 'Time and its variations' and 'Time-breaking points.' Just send my imagination in wonderful places.

I think all of these will be posted to my shop tomorrow with perhaps the exception of the box.


  1. That box is STUNNING. Wow, I say stunning way too often when I visit your site. I seldom use it elsewhere. :) Somehow I missed that you had a shop. Very cool.

  2. Oh!

    It's all so great!

    I love the clipboard with the hymn. And, the recipe.

    Everything else, too.

  3. Anonymous12:20 AM

    These are gorgeous Me! I love the Bee, the Butterfly and the one made with wendy in mind bestest..."bestest"? I sound like Gollum! Lol.

  4. Ack! You are amazing!! I love every single thing.

  5. Oh wow, they are all wonderful but I just love the one with the woman playing music , surprise surprise : ) Even the shape of her instrument holds meaning as I have a cherished necklace it reminds me of. You really go deeply with things and it shows in your creations Me.

    If you might be willing to hold that clipboard for a few weeks I would really love to purchase it from you : )

    A Very Blessed Week : ) Wendy