Tuesday, January 02, 2007

we had some lovely snow - family version


The girls and Dad made snowballs and threw them against the fence.

Hubby doesn't like his photo taken.


  1. If Tim were gone a lot, I may start to wonder if we are sharing a hub. hehe Long lost brothers maybe?

    Your pictures are, as always, beautiful..the art ones and the family ones.

    I also checked out your gallery again. I am always moved by it. The one photo of the angel is really hauntingly beautiful.

    I saw your blood vessel piece. It's pretty different from your other pieces and also moving.

    Now I'm going to check out that company with the interesting entries. Sounds like fun!

    Oh..and you definitely have a style. (and I love it).

  2. Lucky you! No snow here. -sigh-

    Children are unhappy. So are many plants, trying to successfully 'winter over.' -pout- :-)