Thursday, January 11, 2007

unfinished business

I read a lot about people's unfinished objects or UFO's. And yesterday, I found one of mine. I don't have many - I try to avoid that situation. I have lots of materials for objects I've never started but few incomplete ones that are abandoned or forgotten (at least I think I remember them). I was aggravated. I like things in neat tidy packages - done and organized.

Life doesn't work that way. I'm a WIP, she's a WIP wouldn't you like to be a WIP too? We are all works in progress...and I guess if we were done life would be very, very boring.


  1. I've been missing so much over the last few days! I love the pic of the girls as babies. It's weird how they grow up so subtly yet looking back it seems like they made a major jump. It's fun that Kita sends them tshirts.

    I am wild about your hatbox! Love it. I just bought myself a big jar of buttons that I've had my eye on since last summer so I could actually DO a project like that. Yay. I may just have to copy you. :)

    Hope you're doing ok. It's hard to fight against dark feelings sometimes. I fight it, too, at times. (Your emails checking in perk me up, though) :)

  2. Anonymous5:41 PM

    The first week of classes really has had me running in much to catch up on ;) January 2006 I went through all my UFO's and donated them to Goodwill. They were like an albatross around my neck and it felt like I could not move forward if they were still around. I am much like you...I like everything with no loose ends...funny I was going to do a post about that earlier this week...that is why I get so out of whack at the beginning of the new year...I expect to be able to start fresh and package everything up nicely and by Jan 2 I have to realize that I am a WIP...and there will always be a loose end somewhere and the inbox will never be empty.