Thursday, January 04, 2007


We picked up the enrollment material for Kindergarten (We want our children to attend a Christian school). There are both full day and half day options available. The full day having the added 'benefit' of the child getting to do hands on activities for the second half of the day.

I thought full day would be what hubby would want - and my tummy clenched as it is very expensive and we do not really have the money right now. I would like at the very minimum to stay-home until K is in school.

Hubby said "We will send her half day. I am sure full day is really for children who have both parents working."

He is so sweet. From the time we were married until the time C was born hubby insisted I would work after the children were born. When C was born and I told him I wanted to stay home. He was smitten with C and couldn't imagine anyone else taking care of her. I thought that would translate to sending her to full day school to get the best.

But it seems his idea of 'the best' has changed. And it is for me to be home as much as possible - even when the girls are in school. He is content with me making just enough to cover school.

I know for some the logical solution would be homeschooling. I would love to - but we just aren't there. Perhaps we never will be. I don't know.

But at the moment it is enough to know that as far as hubby is concerned the best has shifted and it has shifted to the point where my place is here. And for that I am truly grateful!!


  1. That is great.

    Becoming a parent changes EVERYTHING.

    Thank you for your comment today. I haven't reread that post so I am unsure how well it came across. But from your comment I can see that at least one reader knew what I was trying to say.


  2. Anonymous6:00 PM

    I remember finding out I was pregnant a few weeks before my 40th birthday and starting graduate school. I completed my degree (I took the summer semester off when I had my baby) but it was one of the most difficult decisions of my life to take that degree and put it on the shelf and become a stay at home mom...but it is a decision that I have never regreted. Although now I work my hours around my daughter's schedule...and I could not do what I do without that "shelved" degree...I still consider myself a stay at home mom. Myhusband and I often talk about my earning potential and the possibilities of life style changes...but after about an hour of "dreaming" we shake our heads "naw" and realize that money isn't everything and our daughter is.

  3. You visited my blog to tell me you rarely leave me comments, but when I came to visit you I recognized your blog - it's so unique. I recognized you from your profile answers even before clicking onto your website. Several comments - your photography is truly stunning. Your children moreso, and your photos of your husband and the kids in the snow are precious. I enjoyed my visit here. Thanks for stopping by my place.

  4. That is a wonderful thing. :)

  5. School is SO not 'one size fits all'.

    I'm happy you have found something that works for your family.

    I work part-time. My plans are to be a stay at home grandma for the rest of my life. It sounds like great fun to me!

  6. So wonderful to have the needs of the heart met without even asking ... especially as regards our babes and our mates :) Krina

  7. I'm so happy for you, that hubby has gotten to the point of - learning to really 'hear' your wishes. :-)

    And thank you for pointing me to a Blog which promises to have lovely photos, on a different continent.


  8. We sent all four children to Christian grade and high school. It was an issue we had no trouble making. Over the years it cost us lots and lots of money. There were times when it would have been nice to have had a little more financial breathing room. I remember at times working three jobs, one full time with overtime hours, and two part time. Sometimes we would even be money ahead. Those were the times we always put the money away in out saving account. We knew the Lord was giving us the money because there would be some expense coming where we would need the money.

    Yes, sending children to Christian School is an important decision. Sometimes you may look back on this decision and wonder if you made the correct one. However, with a lot of prayer and hard work and self sacrifice you will be able to see it through.

  9. Anonymous5:52 AM

    Oh how wonderful, yey for staying at home longer!

  10. sounds like you got a great hubby there! and babies defineately change our lives! I'm still trying to figure out what I'm going to do.. I've got one more year before any of them will be in school!