Friday, January 05, 2007


Recently, I picked up a book on sale at Goodwill. The title was "The Memory Book" that was enough for me - memory interests me. It was published in 1974 and written by Harry Lorayne and Jerry Lucas. Guess what! The memory enhancing skills in the book actually work. Last night I decided to see if I could remember the names of the books author's come morning by using their linking method. I did and still do.

Today when I ran errands I decided to see if I could remember my list (which incidentally - I never wrote down). It was:

apple pie filling (for Kublagosh)
apple sauce
fusible interfacing
baking parchment paper
tortilla shells

Certainly, this is not a long list but it is the sort of thing that if I didin't write it down, I would be sure to forget something.

I used the linking method again and pictured and apple pie being blendded in a blender to make apple sauce which I strained through the interfacing to take out the lumps then I shaped it into balls using the cheesecloth and when it was firm wrapped it in parchment and presented it on tortilla shells.

I am going to try more things in the book and get more adventurous - I've tried a few more small things and it seems to really make a difference.

The biggest thing is "Original Awareness" they say that we really don't focus on what we are doing or what we are supposed to be remembering in the first place and many of the methods not only help focus things into our memory but focus to actually be aware in the first place regarding what we are to remember.


  1. My kids had that book.

    It did nothing for me.

    Except, I hadn't thought about it in years, yet I remembered the names of it's authors.

    Must have done me SOME good!

  2. Anonymous6:25 PM

    Oh, I need that focus thing!!!