Tuesday, January 23, 2007

a herald of spring

These photos were simply to show the hair wreaths and jingle bracelets that I made for the girls but I thought they turned out nearly ethereal in quality. There are no shots of K as she just wanted to run off and play or fight with C. So here is C in all her luminosity of eyes. The hair wreaths are simple - just bands of wool felt with the flowers sewed on with buttons and a bunch of ribbon falling down the back. I sewed it all very sturdily and finished it completely in hopes that it will stand up to the girls. Sarah's little girls will receive similar wreaths sometime when the US and Royal Postal services finish their tasks.

The bracelet is made from a plain wooden bracelet that I bought at JoAnn's at a deep discount. There are ribbon streamers all around that I didn't photograph and little jingle bells so that the tinkle.


  1. Ooooo, such cool timing. Here in oregon yesterday and today you can feel the herald of spring hidden in the air too.

    Such precious images!

    Blessed Week : ) Wendy

  2. They really do have an ethereal quality to them...the type of photo you could enlarge and frame on your wall. Just gorgeous.

    Thanks for stopping by last week!

  3. Anonymous2:20 AM

    oooooooooooooooooo too excited now, these are beauuuuuuutiful. She looks like the May Queen

    Come on Royal Mail I am impatient!

  4. Oh, so beautiful on her!

    Yet, if I were to wear one, I would look like a bloomin' idiot.

    Why IS that?

  5. Her eyes are simply amazing. I love the photos of your daughters. How blessed they are to have a mother who captures their beauty.

  6. You have a really beautiful little girl and your photograph in your blog is just breathtaking!! Her eyes -- oh those eyes!

  7. Those are adorable (the pictures and the flowers. :))

  8. I love that first photo. It made me smile. Such eyes!

    Thank you for the wonderful comment on my blog!

  9. I love this idea!
    You are a woman of many talents - may I borrow and use this idea of hair wreaths and bracelets?

  10. love the floral/button idea.