Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Glen's day

After we picked Glen up from the nursing home, we took a circuitous route to our house. As we turned to head east, I saw this hawk sitting low on the branch of a tree in the ditch. I was the only one who saw her (I have a keen eye for this sort of thing, I haven't a clue why). So I swung back to point her out to the girls and Glen. I pulled out my camera and was disgruntled to discover, I had left my generic lens on it (necessary for all those bookcase shots I took). But I went ahead. Glen rolled down the window and I shot a few through his window. Then I got out and started walking towards the bird. I would shoot and take a step shoot and take a step. And behold, she let me get with in six feet of her tree before flying off!! Oh how I wish I had my favorite lens on the camera. The shot previous to this one was perhaps nicer in terms of the branch not being in the way but this is the closest shot. She is very puffed up here - which she wasn't in the previous shots.


Here Glen reads to K. K has known Glen since she was six months old. We started visiting him at a local nursing home a couple of weeks after my Grandfather died. Glen is an 87 year-old widower. When we started visiting him, his wife was in the hospital. About four months later she died. We never met her.

The girls adore him - unconditionally.

C was very defiant and crabby today. Perhaps jealous that Glen spends so much time with K. Here she crowns Pony.

I have three Christmas/Thanksgiving/Easter Cacti. Two are huge. One I've had since college - it came from my parents. The second is from a dear college prof and his wife. And then there is this one. It is white. It is a gift from my husband - for my birthday about five years ago. It is pathetically small - part of it dies every time it grows new leaves - it is lopsided and weak. Yet it blooms faithfully every year - while the two huge plants rarely manage a blossom.

Reflected in one of the many mirrors (this one has bad silvering) nestled amongst my plants.


  1. I love the last photo here, the reflection of the flower in the mirror ... appeals to the impressionist in me.

    - Krina

  2. Glen is blessed to have you!

  3. Anonymous9:43 AM

    Gorgeous photos and that about visiting Glen brings a tear to my eye, what a loving thing to do. I like the flower, it rather looks like it's sticking it's tongue out defiantly, lol.

  4. What a neat post about the hawk, Glen and the cacti. Thanks for visiting my blog recently. Hope you have a great day.

  5. you have the most amazing ability with the camera.