Monday, December 04, 2006

trying to get

at what my idea of milkweed is and not succeeding...

uh, yeah, those are my shamefully dry hands...


  1. Yikes, you sneaked a bunch of posts in on me! I'm fascinated by the milkweed and what exactly it is that you're trying to convey about it. :)

    Your dad is so photogenic! I love the tree ornies that K and her grandma made. The food looks like it's from a cooking mag. Beautiful. I bet it was tasty. The soup looks yummy.

    I so remember the days of little ones doing everything but what they were supposed to be doing on stage. If I had only known that everything would be ok and the world would not end, I wouldn't have worried about it. lol Your girls are soooooooo adorable.

    I got your beautiful Christmas card today. Thank you! It came at an awesome time and made me very happy. It also inspired me to get making some things!

  2. Beautiful! Just beautiful, I wish I was artistic, siiiiigh.

  3. mesmorizing is what comes to my mind.