Monday, December 18, 2006

things I love - the letter M

This is a “Things I love” meme that I found at Christine's blog (the sacred art of living). She assigned me the letter M. It was fun to do.

1. Music – in many of the forms God has given it to us works its peace and rejuvenation and joy in my life and sometimes music is there to let me move more deeply into sorrow.
2. Memory – I have a passion for keeping history and memory alive – and as my grandmother’s Alzheimer’s moves her further and further beyond us my understanding of the value of memory only grows.
3. Mirrors – perhaps you’ve seen all the mirrors in my house – most of them are so high up they serve no practical purpose, they are there because I love mirrors. It is a fascination that grew from my Mom’s fascination in them.
4. Mom – I am blessed to have a particularly close relationship with my Mom. When our schedules permit we talk daily on the phone.
5. Mod-Podge – hey I like to craft and I really like decoupage projects – it is a wonderful all-purpose adhesive/finish.
6. My Man – my hubby is a gem. He has his flaws as all men and hubbies do but he is supportive of me and he is oh so cozy.
7. Munchkins – my munchkins aren’t always easy to get on with but they have made my life tremendously fuller than it would have been without them and watching them grow and learn and develop has its own fascination.
8. Mondays – I am a week sort of person – I don’t do weekends well at all. I am always glad to come back round to Monday and a more predictable routine.
9. Macro Lens – as is evidences by my blog I have a passion for photography. My macro lens is probably the most valuable piece of camera equipment I own – not in terms of price but in terms of vision – somehow it sees how I see and I take the best photos when I use it (which for those who may be curious – it is on my camera about 95 percent of the time – all photos are taken with it, family, landscape, macros, etc. – I only switch lenses when the macro doesn’t provide me enough angle and that would be only when I don’t have enough room to back far enough away from something to shoot it). The Macro lens speaks my language.
10. Mulch – I love to garden and mulch seems the best word to bring it in – especially since I compost and try to avoid all pesticides.


  1. Anonymous2:37 PM

    Yes I like Mondays best, back to the rhythms of everyday doings.

  2. mmmm marvelous ...

    sorry I couldn't help myself. Music, munchkins and men who can love (I mean live) without them.


  3. Great list Me! Thanks so much for playing. I love that Mod-Podge and Man were included, one right after the other. Art and love are the two essentials of life. Plus I am glad you mentioned your camera lens as I am supposed to be getting a Macro lens for Christmas and can't wait!

  4. Anonymous12:10 AM

    I have never done weekends well either....and the mirror thing...I have that obsession too..I love grouping them together....and I also love grapevine or kudzu wreaths. Oh I remember Mod-Podge from when I was a teenager (decades ago BTW) and I used to decoupage everything!!!

  5. I love mirrors, too. I love the way they effect the light in a room...ooh and mod podge. Good one. :) Great list.

  6. affect? grrrr that one always trips me up.

  7. Lisa - effect...

    Here is one of the best resources I found back in the day when I was a technical writer...

    this site is easy to undertand and efficient to use and I find his dry style entertaining to boot - I must confess when work was slow I would have to 'check' something on his site and just browse.

  8. that said - I must confess I am terribly lazy in my writing these days sometimes it rather saddens me to see how much I've let my style and accuracy decline...

  9. Anonymous9:15 AM

    Oh Me (oh my) I love that site, I love the English language and all its nuances. My pet hate is incorrectly used apostrophes and yet I use them incorrectly and my writing has uncontrollable outbreaks of semi-colons and parentheses and colons and then more parentheses and spelling errors and loooooooooooong sentences. Hehehehehe. My Granddad (note the spelling) is a stickler for language, but he gets it right.

  10. I think my m list would be very similar to yours!

  11. Oh thanks! I'll check it out when I don't have teens circling for the computer. :)

  12. Mmmmm, marvelous list : ) I especially loved what you said about memory, I feel the same...