Tuesday, December 19, 2006

teacher gifts

This button pin is a boquet of buttons set among 'silk' leaves that I took from the stem that the following flower is made from. I am not sure I like the balance of this arrangement - but I love the buttons. :)

This is the button pin that C chose for the para who works in her class. When I was working on the pins yesterday this was her favorite. It is a commercial 'silk' flower that I deconstructed and made over with an oversized blue button. I fancy this one myself.

This is the button pin that C chose for her main teacher. The flower is made of some pretty red and white paisly fabric and the buttons are just some plain ol' buttons. I am not sure if I like it or not.

I made the gift boxes from old album covers - I am not sure which I like more, the carolers or the 'joy to the world' box.

The boxes are about two and a half inches deep.

Since I had to make a few extra Christmas cards (including the cards for the teacher's), I thought I would share them here. Enclosed with the cards were various photos of my girls.


  1. Anonymous3:03 PM

    looove the gift boxes, what a great idea. The paisley arrangement is my favourite flower, though the buttons on the first green flower are just gorgeous.

  2. Those are the best gift boxes I have ever seen ... must borrow idea. Love the button pins as well, my children don't have the opportunity to give their teacher gifts (that teacher being me, and she never lets them make gifts for her such a hard case)but they have some great and grand/parents who would love those, again I must borrow idea. Thanks. Krina

  3. Oh! So BEAUTIFUL! ALL of them!

    The boxes are the coolest.

    Absolutely fabulous!

    When does your 'idea book' come out? Please sign me up for an advance preview copy!

  4. Oh I love the boxes and I really enjoy the card. No, I mean...I really enjoy it. One very much like it sits atop my tv beside a candle. :)

    I have some album covers from making melted record bowls last year for the boys. Hmmmm..

    The flowers are gorgeous!

    We have a ton of books, too, and after the holidays I'm going to find some to give away either on line or donate to the library, depending on what I find. lol