Thursday, November 09, 2006

a bit of time at Lion's Park

Lion's park is one of the girls favorite playgrounds...

naturally sepia

I am foregoing black and white on this shot - this is color!! I shot this at the memorial garden at lions - the whole flower bed was this brown like a sepia me this is straight from the cam except for slight sharpening and curves...

I tried to photograph this earlier this year and somehow wasn't I am.

K's business

I am a sucker for shadows - bridge shadows are not the least... :)

this grove always calls to is small but welcoming...

unknown purposes...

Yes, C, is cranky. She is sure Mom and Dad do no know what they are talking about and positive that we have no business telling her what to do. I struggle - I snap at her and lecture her far more than I should, I am afraid.


  1. WOW! That ninth picture down of your daughter in the tree has really moved me. Very powerful.

    I cant get over your photography. Would you be open to me posting some of your images (linked to you of course) on some of my posts sometimes?

    Blessed Day Tomarrow : ) Wendy

  2. on earth do you take these beautiful photographs without, apparently, a flash and the images are just crystal clear?

  3. Wendy, Yes you may.

    Mrs G,

    Practice. In college I had a nice film Canon Rebel and later I upgraded to an Elan but I used them basically as fancy point and shoots. In college I took two photography courses but never learned to use the manual aspects of those cameras. I did learn some composition. And I learned darkroom skills.

    Then about three years ago, I got my first digital camera a little 680X480 point and shoot Vivicam. It taught me composition and photoprogram skills. To be honest one of the most popular photos I ever took was with that camera of my first child then about eighteen months ready to throw a screaming fit in the grocery store (I carried it everywhere).

    Then I got my hands on the very first digital rebel. At first I used it as a point and shoot but I also learned to hate what a flash does to my photos so I never used it. That meant I had to learn how to do things like set the aperature and shutter speed, select the iso, and eventually I even forced myself to do what terrified me and learn to use the light meter.

    I shoot strictly manual - which means I focus manually and I set up on the priorties for every shot. It slows one down but it also teaches one to observe and to think.

    Basically, I wanted to express myself and respond precisely to what I saw. When I saw something I wanted to use 'film' as a medium of response that would convey to those who were listening what I saw and how I felt about it.

    Recently when my oldest asked me why I was taking a picture of a particular subject my unthinking and automatic response is 'because I want to see it.' I did not mean literal seeing, I meant figurative seeing. I wanted to understand some aspect of God's creation that I saw in it and convey that in a meaningful way. Ironically, that shot did not give a proper response so I did not work it up.

    I often think that for me photography is an emotional response and poetry is a thinking response but then I am not sure.

    Long-winded answer! Sorry.

  4. These phots are again so beautiful. I lvoe the one which is naturally sepia!

  5. Thanks for stopping by my blog...glad to have you visit. I love these photos. Now that I've found you, I'll be back more to visit. Have a good day.

  6. no, Thanks for the Answer :)

    I was afraid you were going to say it had something to do with practice and easy way out for me then...oh well :)

    anyhoo...right next to your blog in my arts favourites folder is this blog...I thought you might want to check it out (you may already have run across it)