Thursday, October 05, 2006


C had preschool yesterday. I got a great deal of house=work done while she was in school since I didn't need to take Tim to work. After we picked C up, we picked up Grandpa Glen (Grandpa Glen is an elderly gentleman (85) that we adopted at a nursing home near us. I had been thinking about doing something like that for a few months and so when Grandpa M died, I decided to do it in his memory. We've been with Glen since K was six months - through the death of his wife. The girls love him and he lives for them). We were going to go to the park after I stopped at Michael's (they had a very rare occurrence - a fifty-percent off coupon).

Glen said he would stay in the car with the girls. When I came out...K was crying because C had poked her in the eye. C does this sort of thing all the time, so I couldn't let it pass. So we took Glen back to his apartment and took the girls home so that I could discipline C.

While the girls napped - I decided I ought to sand the decoupage gifts that were ready for sanding as it will be warm the next few days and ideal for clear-coating in the garage. So I sat on the beach-blanket on the floor in front of the television and indulged in "Last of the Mohicans) with Daniel smut...but I love it...something is definitely wrong with me in that regard, I think. Sanding is the one thing to do without when it comes to decoupage.

However, three of the items I sanded were in the pain stage which meant this morning I could put the decorations on them - that is always fun. Very excited about them now.

In the evening before Tim came home, the girls and I went out in the yard and planted the iris rhizomes that Tim got from someone at work. I planted and planted and planted and still have tons (anybody want some). I also planted the mallow seeds that Mom harvested from their place and I cut of yarrow seed heads and planted them where the violets have taken over - I am hoping they can squeeze out the violets (very aggressive invasive buggers those violets)...

After the planting was done, the girls took baths and I spent some time reading to them before Dad came home. Then, as always, chaos until bedtime. After the girls were in bed, I finished the embroidery on the pillow I am doing on MIL. I washed it this morning, I hope it dries so that I can put it together this afternoon.

How is that for a home-making day?


  1. Sounds like heaven. I laughed at your comment regarding Last of the Mohicans. I think it's so neat that you adopted someone. I must confess that since living with Tim's mother, senior citizens are not my cup of tea right now. lol I used to visit nursing homes and take little gifts but I'm kind of on overload living with her.

    Oh, by the way, I read yesterday that Michael's takes JoAnn coupons!

  2. Oh yeah...and I'm impressed by your patience with prep work. i had to force myself to let gesso dry overnight (and really I should let it sit until tonight but we'll see). I am so impatient with the prep stuff!

  3. What no rhubarb?

  4. Lisa,

    I learned about prep work...I did a beautiful box with old maps for my husband for his birthday this past year and because the coats of decopauge weren't dry it cracked - fortunately, in this case it looks cool and they are only little cracks...but now - I am oh, so careful...

  5. Ooh well it's good you learned your lesson without trauma. lol