Monday, October 09, 2006

things made

Don't read this if you are AJ Christmas gift spoiler follows.

Well - this seems to be the only shot I can upload of the tin can votives I made last Friday so I will direct you to my gallery: to see the other votive and to view other recently completed decoupage projects (1 plaque, and four tissue box covers).

Will write more later.


  1. Pretty. Gosh I missed so many posts. I did that on a couple of other blogs. I don't know how that happens!I have a list that I check every day and then one day..I check and there are 3 or 4 new posts. Makes me wonder where I was . lol

    I love this votive and I'm going to look at the gallery. The picture of the girls with the willow is priceless.

  2. just looked at the gallery. You are so talented. I love your decoupage and needlework...and it all.

  3. I just love the tin can votive!...would love to hear how you made it.
    Thanks for visiting my blog recently; hope you stop by again,