Monday, October 09, 2006

great expectations

I don’t even know where to start there is so much going on in both my mind and my life. Today has been crazy – but even now as I think it over, it is all things that won’t even stick in my mind for more than a week. It is only that they just kept happening one after another. So this afternoon, I cleaned. Cleaning is always a wonderful way to put it all in perspective – if I were to try to create right now, I would only end up more frazzled but cleaning is soothing.

Sunday, our minister talked about keeping the Sabbath and what that means. Of all the wonderful things he said the one that stuck with me the most is that worship and the Sabbath should be a cathedral in time – not space. We can’t always make it to a space but we can always make it to a time – even if we have to keep ourselves inside our heads as people under persecution do. It is a time – not a space – set aside for God. And that was the other part – it is about God, not about us.

There is so much bouncing around inside me the past few days. One thing that kept repeating itself in my mind is that one of the biggest barriers we build between others and ourselves is our expectation...not only of others and its effects on us when they don’t meet them- but the effect that failure has on them. In some way, I think the one that fails to meet our false expectations ends up hurt more than we and often builds a higher wall to protect themselves from our expectation than the walls we build to protect ourselves from their failure. No wonder we all end up living in our own little fiefs.

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  1. Very insightful post - this is my first time at your blog and I really enjoyed reading it!