Friday, September 22, 2006

a scribble

the sky pierced blue in the eyelets
along the bottom of her skirt

he lay on his back
in the brilliant grass
white floats above him
twirling on its axis
as gentle as guitars
strumming in the distance

he reached up to touch
those knees flirting
just beneath the hem
and like smoke
they shifted on the breeze
and floated away

The photo is the closest thing to a photo with eyelet lace on it. :) It is certainly not my best photo ever. :)

The poem is the first thing I've written in a long time. I've been mentally stimulating myself by working through a poetry workbook and reading. The night I wrote this, I knew I wanted to write something but I didn't have any ideas. I was sitting here at the computer when I saw a basket of eyelet/grommets in my workbasket. While I don't make it clear (I don't really intend to - I like the ambiguity) this is the perspective of a young boy who is crawling around playing on the ground at a know the classic.

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