Tuesday, December 18, 2012

my AMAZING daughter

On Saturday, K decided to start playing with the HA Rey (author/illustrator of Curious George) nativity. Soon C wandered over and joined her. They decided to use the figures to act out the Christmas play that C wrote earlier this month. I finally typed it up after I took these photos of them acting out her play. And I am going to share it with you.

Act 1, Scene 1

(Mary sits, scrubbing a bowl - stage right. Angel walks in and stands - center stage. Mary looks up startled).

Angel: Mary, you have found favor in the sight of the Lord. You are going to have as on. He will be the Son of God.

(Mary looks confused but replies calmly)

Mary: I am the Lord's servant. He can do what he wants with me.

(The angel smiles and leaves. Curtain falls)

Scene 2

(Joseph is pacing in his room)

Joseph: I want to marry Mary, but she is pregnant and it is against Jewish law to marry her if she is pregnant. Maybe I should just divorce her quietly.

(He yawns)

Joseph: I think I should sleep. Maybe I'll know what to do when I get up.

(Joseph gets in bed. Angel walks in and stands above Joseph. Joseph wakes and sits up startled).

Angel: Joseph, Mary is pregnant by the Holy Spirit. you may marry her. She will give birth to a son. You are to call him Jesus.

(Angel leaves. Joseph goes back to sleep relieved.)

Scene 3

(Mary sits, sewing. Joseph comes in.)

Joseph: Have you heard the news? Caesar Augustus says all men must go to their home town to be counted.

Mary: Oh, Joseph The baby is almost here.

(Mary pats her belly.)

Joseph: I know but we have to do it. I got the donkey ready. We will go now.

Act 2, Scene 1

(Joseph pounds on the door of the inn. Mary sits near him, on the donkey. The innkeeper opens the door.)

Joseph: My wife is giving birth. Can you help us?

Innkeeper: No. all my rooms are full.

(The innkeepers wife tugs his arm and whispers into his ear. He finally turns to Joseph).

Innkeeper: My wife says you can take the stable.

Joseph: Thanks.

Scene 2

(Joseph comes into the stable with a blanket. Mary holds a naked babe.)

Joseph: This is all I could find.

Mary: It will do.

(Mary wraps baby Jesus with the cloth.)

Scene 3

(Shepherds sit in center stage. Angel walks in and stands behind the shepherds. The shepherds look up afraid.)

Angel: Do not be afraid. I bring you good news of great joy for all nations. Today, in the town of David a baby has been born. He is Christ the Lord. And this will be a sign to you. You will find the baby wrapped din cloth and lying in a manger.

(More angels gather behind the angel and sing together).

Angel Host: Glory to God in the highest and on earth peace goodwill to those on whom His favor rests.

(The angels leave)

Shepherd 1: Let us go and find the baby that the Lord has told us about.

Shepherd 2: Yes. There can't be too many stables in Bethlehem.

Shepherd 3: Let us do that. Then once we have seen him we can tell the whole world.

(The shepherds get up and leave.)

Act 3, Scene 1

Wiseman 1 aka Ali Baba: So, Caspian, you said you saw a star of great proportions in the sky last night.

Caspian aka Wiseman 2: Yes. Ali Baba. I looked in all the ancient records and found this old Jewish scroll.

(Caspian hands the scroll to Ali Baba. Ali Baba reads it)

Ali Baba: Casper, look at this! I think Caspian is on to something.

(Caspar aka known as Wiseman 3 reads the scroll. He looks up.)

Caspar: Why, it is so! Look this scroll says that a star will mark the birthplace of a king! Let us follow this star at once.

Ali Baba: But, first we must bring this king gifts. I will bring gold for his crown.

Caspian: I will bring Frankincense.

Casper: And I will bring myrrh.

(The wise men get their gifts and return)

Ali Baba: Okay. Are we ready

Caspian and Caspar: Yes!

Ali Baba: Okay then we are off!!

(They ride off)

Scene 2

(Herod sits on his throne with his advisor and 2 soldiers. The Wisemen enter.)

Ali Baba: Where is he who is born king of the Jews. We have come to worship him.

(Herod turns to his advisor.)

Herod: Where is he who is born king of the Jews?

Advisor: In Bethlehem.

Herod: In Bethlehem. Go and find him so I can worship him.

(The wise men leave.)

Scene 3

(Mary rocks baby Jesus. Joseph stands over her. The Wiseman enter. Ali Baba kneels down).

Ali Baba: here is gold for the King of the Jews.

(Caspar kneels)

Caspar: Here is myrrh for the King of the Jews.

(Caspian kneels)

Caspian: Here is frankincense for the king of the Jews.

(The Wiseman lay the gifts in front of Mary and Jesus. Then they leave.)

Scene 4

(The Wisemen lay sleeping. The angel goes and stands above the Wisemen. The Wisemen look up.)

Angel: Herod doesn't want to worship the king of the Jews. He wants to kill him. You must go home another way.

(The angel leaves and the Wisemen go home another way.)

Scene 5

(Herod's throne room. A messenger comes in)

Messenger: Your Highest, the Wisemen left another way they found out your plot.

Herod: What!! How could they find out!? Soldiers, go and kill all of the baby boys in Bethlehem. That way he can't escape!!

(The soldiers leave)

Scene 6

(Joseph lays sleeping. The angel comes and stands above Joseph).

Angel: Get up now! Get you and Mary and Jesus out of here! Herod wants to kill your baby!

(The angel leaves.) Joseph gets up and takes Mary and Joseph to Egypt.

Ending 1: The angel comes on stage.

Angel: After Herod died, Mary, Joseph, and Jesus came back to Bethlehem. After a while, they moved to Nazareth where Jesus grew up. This is where we end our tale. But really it is only the beginning.

End of Play: All actors come on stage and make the manger scene and all sing Away in the Manger.

This was not an assignment. This is simply something C decided to do on her own. The stage direction, text, everything is by C. All I did was type it up for her. I need to have her edit it - I haven't edited it and she is a better editor than I am (or will be by the time she is an adult).

I was impressed but then as a Mom, I think both of my girls are pretty amazing.


  1. Wonderful!!! She is amazing.

  2. What a show! My favorite line: "There can't be too many stables in Bethlehem." So glad you shared this, Melissa, it is so cool.

  3. Your daughter did a beautiful job!

  4. I love when Mary says "it will do"!
    This is amazing.
    I did not know Rey illustrated a version of the Nativity, how wonderful.