Thursday, December 27, 2012

christmas crafting with my Mom

Mom and I crafted these felt Popsicle stick puppets for my nephew Kyler. The first night we got carried away and stayed up til midnight - my Mom was quite tired. If you are like me, staying up late crafting means your mind doesn't shut down even when you do go to bed. 

The first night I designed the pieces and cut them out and Mom cut out a cardboard piece for backing and assembled them. I got my basic design ideas for my pieces from this post at Barefoot in the Kitchen.

The next night we glued them to sticks and accessorized our figures.

We also spent a morning working on these felt nativity ornaments with the girls. The top ornament in the photo above is K's and the lower one is C's.

We found the idea for this ornament at the Wild Olive.

Of the ornaments above, mine is the top one and Mom's is the second one.

One day, I got out the old flannelgraph that Tim's mom gave us from when he was young. I also got out the unbelievably gorgeous felt pieces that the new church Sunday School director gave me, after she started cleaning out the old materials storage. They are the most stunning felt graph pieces I've ever seen. If the material packed around them is any indication they are from the 40's or 50's. Unfortunately, they must be full of mold or mildew, I had a severe allergic reaction to them. :( - I am going to try spraying them with tea tree oil in the summer and laying them on the deck for some good old-fashioned UV sanitation.

We had a lovely quiet four days. Tim and I went to see Les Miserables. I cried - it was extremely well-done. There are definite weak points but overall it is an outstanding movie.

I hope your Christmas was as peaceful as ours was.


  1. So cute, a lovely idea. :) xx

  2. Darling stuff...and the girls did a fantastic job with their stitching!

  3. Beautiful! Kyler is a blessed boy!
    One of my favorite childhood memories is when my mom would let me play with the flannelgraph that she kept in a large box under the bed. Sometimes she would bring it out for me when I was sick, and the back of the couch would turn into Mt. Sinai, or Bethlehem, or Egypt.
    We had 13 of us for Christmas day. It was very calm and relaxing, which is NOT what I was expecting, but I LOVED it!

  4. Oh, I love them both! So beautiful! Merry Christmas!!

  5. So nice to meet your mum through your blog, there is so much felt goodness in this post. The stitching and shapes are lovely. I can see that craftiness runs in your genes! I am so glad you are having a peaceful Christmas, so are we and it means so much.
    PS. We haven't see les mis yet, it is on my holiday list! I am glad you enjoyed it. Will you be seeing the Hobbit?

  6. The figures and nativities are really beautiful. Each was stitched with love and personality! My daughter & I may go to see Les Mis. Our Christmas Eve and Day were both spent with family & friends.

  7. Hi Melissa! I'm sorry I have been such a bad blogger! We have had a rough season for sure. I haven't blogged about it at all. But it is a New Year! Thank THE LORD for new beginnings!
    Your Nativity is so sweet! You and your Mama did a great job. How fun! My Daughter and I went and saw Les Mes the day after Christmas. It was soooooo much better than any of the previous movies that I had seen. So We loved it! I told her that if she really loved the story she needs to read the book. There is just no comparison!

    I hope you and your family have a wonderful New Year! :)

  8. The stick puppets are so neat! I don't think I would have the patience or dexterity to put those together, so I'm especially appreciative of your efforts!

  9. The puppets are very fun! I imagine he has really enjoyed them.

  10. Do you have patterns for the puppets and how do I find them?

    1. Moe, I am sorry - I don't. Mom and I just made them up as we went along.