Thursday, December 06, 2012

ahem....ah, yes...halloween costumes - oh, yes! hello again

Why Halloween in December? It has been forever since I've posted on my blog. The only crafting I have done was the making of these costumes for the girls. C's costume is that of a 'Diction-fairy.' I found the idea at Lilliedale. Isn't it clever? I entered the girls' costumes in a costume contest run by the Minnesota Renaissance Festival's FB page. We won two free tickets for next year!

I miss crafting. I don't think I've hardly done a drop of crafting this year. Sigh...I miss it. Why no crafting? Life.

The dogs are still adjusting, which makes the care of them a longer part of the day than I like.

For some reason that escapes me, school takes way longer this year than it did in the past. It is good, we are making great progress and enjoying ourselves tremendously but it is very time consuming. I get up around 6:30 and I am on the go until Tim comes home around 7-7:30 for supper.

For over a month, my evenings were completely consumed by photography. I had quite a few photo-shoots in October and so from the time the girls went to bed until around midnight, I was working on photos.

After I was done with the photo shoots, I was working on the Christmas Nativity photos that I do every year for the Sunday School class I help with. I was also asked to work on another special photo project for church. More nights up until midnight.

Of course, the days since Thanksgiving have been occupied with getting the house decorated for Christmas.

Now that my life is quieter, I hope to do some crafting. Yeah!! It will be fun. I have plenty to share that can fill the space until I have some new projects to share with you!!

I was smitten with this costume. What do you think?

I bought reading glasses from Dollar Tree and punched out the lenses to use for my bookish fairy.

K was a stick figure. This is perfect for my child who sheds her costumes as soon as possible.

It is simply white sweats decorated with black duct tape. A paper plate makes the face.

I've missed you. I hope I can keep up now!!


  1. stick figure! that is hilarious and so smart, and of course i love the diction/book fairy.

  2. The costumes are fabulous Melissa! That fairy is adorably bookish!

    I wondered where you went to but assumed that it was life that was keeping you busy. Glad to hear it was. Also, sometimes people just need a break from blogging, so I assumed that too. It's nice to see you back here.

  3. They are both adorable costumes Melissa. I had wondered where you were. Glad all is well. You simply have an overflowing plate.

  4. What imaginative costumes! Bravo!

    And...I've missed you. Please don't overdo it.

  5. Such beautiful and clever costumes, it is no surprise you won! I have been thinking about you, we are going to the Nativity pageant this weekend. I always think of you when I see the notices for pageants. I wish your family a joyous Advent season .

  6. I thought of you today! In the afternoon I finally found some time to work on a few projects in my basement 'studio'. It didn't take long before I thought "Hey, I wonder what Melissa is making these days?"
    Oh, and guess what? There is another grand child expected at the end of June! We are sooooo happy (and i am unbelievably tired).

  7. So glad to see you back! Both costumes are adorable, and I do believe the girls have grown an inch or two since you have posted last! Looking forward to seeing more of your awesome crafts!

  8. Ok, those are amazing costumes! W O W! I hope you get some crafting time always seems to revive my spirit. Wishing you and your family a wonderful Christmas season.

  9. I Love It! Especially the scrabble tiles! I love to see how everyone has taken the idea and put their own unique twist on it. Thanks for the mention.

  10. You make me think of the Julia Donaldson book: "Stick Man lives in the family tree
    With his Stick Lady Love and their stick children three.
    One day he wakes early and goes for a jog.
    Stick Man, oh Stick Man, beware of the dog!"

    Great costumes. :)

  11. Love the costumes and they won too!! How awesome!

    You're not the only one behind....After Halloween time speeds up, I swear, November doesn't even exist anymore!!

    Wishing you and yours a Very Merry Christmas ♥♥

  12. I know I'm coming late to the party, but do you happen to have instructions on how to make the headband. Thanks in advance for all your help!