Saturday, November 20, 2010

Edible Log Cabin and Teepees (think gingerbread but not gingerbread)

We wanted something fun to do for school on Tuesday (our last day of formal class before Thanksgiving). I got this idea in my head last night (for the record, I have never made a gingerbread house and I don't get along with frosting).

I made this Thanksgiving village off the cuff with the girls this morning. (I am sorry, I am not good at tutorials because I often come up with an idea and become so engrossed in the process that I don't think of photos).

I used the Basic Gingerbread House Frosting from Gingerbread House Heaven but added more powdered sugar so that the frosting's texture was like clay dough. (I mixed all four colors of food coloring that I had on hand for the frosting to make a brownish color. As you can tell, I needed two batches of frosting and I didn't manage to get the colors to match. I would suggest making a double or even a 2.5 times batch.

I used graham crackers for the interior to help support the pretzels as I built the log cabins.

The skins for the teepees are made from fruit leather.

I had some stale shredded coconut in the cupboards that I used for snow (you all keep stale coconut too, right?).

I am sorry that these are on ugly foil covered cookies sheets and plates. I thought once they were set I could move them. Unfortunately, they are cemented to the 'ground.' I am hoping to get another mom to make these with the kids at school. If it turns out cute, I will try to get pictures for you all.

If anyone makes these, let me know. I would love to see them.

A few black and white shots for fun.


  1. These are awesome. My kids would love to make them. I'll bookmark for next year. :)

  2. that looks like a real little log cabin! very cool!

  3. Great idea! Reminds me of lincoln logs, only edible...yum! Thanks for sharing how to use the graham crackers as structural support - I hate it when my creation collapses!

  4. Looks like fun! We've made gingerbread houses out of graham crackers, but I haven't tried it with pretzel rods. We've also bought the ready-to-assemble kits; in fact, last year's kit is still around here somewhere!

  5. How much fun is this??? The log cabin is so scarily realistic, it kind of cracks me up. Also I think it looks delish, frosting and pretzels? That sounds like a new taste treat. You always make such inspired things with your girls.

  6. I have never made one and these look like great fun. For a minute I thought the tepees were peppers.

  7. What a cute idea on gingerbread, love the log cabin!

  8. How Cute!! I may have to try this idea with my grans! Happy Thanksgiving Melissa! I am thankful for your positive and "faithful" comments and encouragement on my blog.

  9. Melissa - great! Thanks so much for sharing your link on my blog. Your pretzel cabins look great! very detailed. Super idea about the graham crackers. I'll have to add that next time! Nice to "meet" you and your blog :)