Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Math Manipulatives: a CSN Review

Once again, CSN has allowed me to acquire another wonderful tool (or in this case tools) for my family. When CSN Stores contacted me inviting me to do another review for them, I considered buying boots but they were out of the style I liked so I looked at bedding but found nothing.

However, my disappointment turned out to be a good thing. It caused me to look at the educational toys at CSN. They have pages and pages and pages of them.

When I saw they had Hot Dots, I was thrilled. We have a box of them at our homeschool group and I thought they might be nice for C to practices her times tables on.

While browsing I also came across this Number Balance by Educational Insights. They also have a fractions balance and an algebraic balance. I was really excited. I just knew that one of these would be great for my kinesthetic and global learners.

The scale is beyond wonderful. I can't even begin to tell you how much we, as a family, love this learning tool.

Not only can we do sums on it but C and I have come up with a way to visualize multiplication on it.

C recently got a Nintendo DSI and on several occasions when the DSI was a play option, C chose to play with the Number Balance rather than ask for her DSI.

In fact, we have had to restrict access to the Number Balance because both C and K want to play with it at the same time and we were concerned that they were going to break it.

Once again, CSN scores tens with my family.

CSN Stores gave me a gift certificate, at no cost to me, so that I could pick some of their products for review purposes. The opinions shared belong to me and my family, you may not have the same experiences we do.


  1. We have a much loved math balance too. I would like to hear more about what they do with it.

  2. Awesome she picked the learning tool over a video game.

  3. The balance sounds interesting. I know that my little one frequently uses our kitchen scale to compare weights of things. There are definitely cool learning opportunities with this kind of tool. Thanks for the review Melissa!

  4. Sounds like a winner!

  5. That looks like a great toy, ( I don't think I would consider it a toy but don't tell your girls that) What a great educational game! Thanks for your nice comments!

  6. You sure are doing something right if your girls would rather play with an educational "toy" than Nintendo--good for you and THEM!

  7. Beth did her math on that scale for almost a year. Isn't it neat how we all "think" (visualize) differently?

  8. Both of those toys--er, learning tools--look very cool!