Sunday, September 05, 2010

Autum Brilliance Table Mat

I wanted a new mat for the lazy susan at the center of our dining room table. So I went to my stash and broke out some more junk goodies for Stashbusting September.

Anyone with a sewing machine or some skill with needle and thread can do this.

Use your lazy susan as a template for cutting a circle out of a fulled wool blanket.

Use leaves clipart to cut out leaves from a fulled wool sweater. I used leaves from here.

Pin the leaves to the wool and use your sewing machine to stitch them down or hand stitch them down.

Doesn't it look pretty with the acorn cookie jar and shakers I found at thrift stores this summer? I paid 1.49 for the cookie jar at one thrift store and 49 cents a piece for the salt and pepper shakers at another thrift store. I love acorns.

I tried to make more of the center display but nothing I tried suited me.

Here is how it looks with the girls' fish on the table too (which is generally where they sit).

I love the little acorn leaves on the shakers!!

I will be sharing this at:

Make it Yours @ My Backyard Eden

Sumo Sweet Stuff

The Girl Creative


  1. That is brilliant! My mother in law keeps a lazy susan on her table, I'm totally going to make her one of these to spruce it up!

  2. I love the autumn leaves Melissa.. and the acorns - what great finds! I love acorns and all things autumn too, it's my favourite season :)

  3. This is so beatiful. You are ready for the fall!! I would love a lazy susan on my table. So practical and look how you can dress it up. Great job!

  4. That is super super pretty...fall is here!

  5. Those acorns are sweet. Your lazy susan cover is pretty. Well done. BTW love your header quote and was thinking of it today watching hummingbirds! hugs♥olive

  6. WOW Great mat!! So Autumny :)
    Sweet litte cookie jar and shakers, great find!

    PS Hang in there

  7. Wow! Lovely way to brighten up your table for the current season!

  8. Very cute! Autumn is my favorite season. =)

  9. Great project idea. Even I could do that!

  10. This is neat! Perfect for fall!

  11. Visiting via Coastal Charm, this is a great find. I am loving all things acorn right now.

  12. This is so pretty !!!

  13. Oh this is so cute! Could be done in a runner if you don't have lazy susan, too. Adorable follower!

  14. very cute! love the fall colours!