Sunday, August 22, 2010

Roses for Mom

When my Mom was visiting, she saw roses made from lace in a craft book. She really, really liked them. A few days after she left, I found these little doilies at the thrift store. The bundle of 3 white doilies was 49 cents and the bundle of 4 white doilies was 49 cents. So I made her a bouquet and dragonfly.

I contacted one of her co-workers to deliver her the flowers at work. Her co-worker had Mom guess who sent it. Mom couldn't guess me even though all the clues pointed to me. She figured it couldn't be me because I hadn't been to Pella that weekend.

A Few Details on the Roses

The roses are pretty easy to make. You simply use a running stitch to gather the doily up. Then you thread a wire through the middle and double it up. Twist the doubled length to strenthen the stem then wrap the wire around the base of the doily to keep the flower from flopping.

Wrap the flower wire with florist's tape. Cut a rough circle out of fulled wool. Cut a slit in the middle and slide it up the stem. Use hot glue to glue it around the base of the flower.

How to Make a Beaded Dragonfly

Fold your wire in half and thread one small bead onto it so that it becomes the center of the bend.

Next slip three or four larger beads over both wires. This will be the dragonflies tail.

Split the wires apart and thread around thirty seed beads or E beads on each wire. These will be the wings.

Make a loop of each beaded section and twist them together at the base. Bring your two wires together and thread one longer bead or several beads together toe make the body segment between the wings.

Repeat the wing making procedure. When you bring the wires together again, thread one large bead onto them to make the head.

Split the wires and thread one seed bead on each wire for the eyes. Feed the wires back through the head and wrap several times to secure and trim the ends.

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  1. What a WOOOOONDERFUL daughter you are!

  2. So sweet. Sounds like you and your mom are getting the best out of your's so great to see that. :-) The flowers are adorable, love that vintage style.

  3. Anonymous11:19 PM

    What a beautiful project. I bet she loved it.

  4. Your Mom will never forget those pretty roses! I bet they are her favorite flowers ever delivered. :o) A beautiful story and great tutorial. Thanks for sharing. Happy Monday from Larri at Seams Inspired :o)

  5. Those are so pretty! How sweet to surprise your mom like that! Love the dragonfly, too.

  6. Thanks for joining the party! I love this creation and especially the dragonfly! I need to do something sweet like this for my mom! Anna "Moon River"

  7. I LOVE the dragon fly!! Thanks for the tutorial!

    And thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a sweet comment! :)

  8. This is a gorgeous bouquet! I LOVE the lace flowers and the dragonfly equally - put them together, amazing!

  9. Hi Melissa! You are so thoughtful to make this for your mom. hugs♥olive

  10. What a wonderful gift for your mother!!

  11. What a lovely bouquet-bet your mom loved them!

  12. What a great project! I love the flowers and the dragonfly is so cute! I'm bookmarking this!

  13. Your bouquet is so pretty! I love how you surprised your mom with it :) I adore the dragonfly! I will have to try making one for sure! Thanks so much for stopping by!

  14. These are really so sweet! I love the addition of the little pearl dragonfly. Really cute!
    ~stopping by from Sugar Bee :)

  15. So sweet to make these for you Mom! I'm sure she feels so special receiving them.

    I absolutely love the flowers!! They are just too darn sweet!

    AND The dragonfly is fab! I especially love how easy it is!

    Gonna have to make all of these. Thanks so much for sharing and great tutes!

  16. Those are beautiful! Thank you for the tutorial, I think I'm going to make those for my step-mom and mother in law -they would love it!

  17. So very, very sweet and clever. I am telling you girl you are onto something:) You are very talented, and unique I may add....

  18. Melissa these are really beautiful, what a thoughtful thank you for your mother - she did make such a lot of lovely things for you and your girls. The flowers are so pretty and the dragonfly is really cute!

  19. How sweet of you to make such a lovely gift for your mom. Not only did your act demonstrate your love for her, but that you hear what makes her happy.

    Thanks for linking to my blog party. It's good to have you back! ;)

    Liz @ the Brambleberry Cottage