Wednesday, August 18, 2010

More Sheet Clothes and the Most Awesome Dragonfly

I made another outfit for each of the girls from those three sheets (you can see the dresses here) and I still have lots of fabric left!!

I made K this blouse with pink leggings. I thought the blouse looked simple and sweet but the pattern (Butterick 5020) was terrible. It was hard to follow and I picked out loads of seams - I had hoped I would still like the pattern once I figured it out but I don't. This blouse went together very strangely. However, I must confess I do like the way it looks on her.

Then I made this outfit for C. I really like it and will probably use it again.

While we were outside, we found this dragonfly. He is one of the biggest I have ever seen. I was also struck by the false-eye on the back of his head and how particularly shiny his wings were.

The coolest thing happened when he was sitting on my hand, to understand what happened, I think you need to know it got cold last night and it was cloudy today.  I think he was cold. After I took some photos of him on the bush, I gently put my hand beneath him and he readily settled on it - dragonflies are so light you can scarcely feel them. As I fiddled with trying to focus without using my hands to adjust the camera, he started to vibrate. The longer he sat on my hand the more he vibrated. At first you could only feel it and barely see it. Soon the vibrations were visible. Then he flew away. I think the warmth of my hand warmed him and the vibrations were his way of circulating blood so he would warm up enough to fly.

If you love dragonflies or damselflies, you can check out my gallery for more photos.

Since I am sharing wildlife in my yard, here is the tree frog I found while weeding my day lilies on Saturday.

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  1. Anonymous1:46 PM

    Hi Mellissa! Thanks for visiting my blog! I hope you win the giveaway! Your daughters and photo's are beautiful!

  2. OH MY He is gorgeous!!!
    I haven't seen any with the false cool. I had a large blue one on my hand once, and yes they are weighless. On the way to check out your gallery!

  3. The sheet creations are so cute! Love the look of big criss-crossed petals on both. Gorgeous dragonfly photos, those should be blown up huge and live on a wall. The black and white is stunning.

  4. Super-sweet little girls you have and what darling clothes you've made them. Maybe you'd be interested in this website:

  5. You did it again! :oD I'm blown away at your ingeniousness! The dresses are awesome and I love that you used sheets! The pics are really neat too! As another commenter said, these should be blown up and put on a wall! Awesome!

  6. Hi Melissa.. the girls look fabulous.. Don't sheets have the prettiest prints:-). The dragonfly is beautiful.. the third eye is amazing. We have those little tree frogs too. I just spied one while I was moving the hose :-)

  7. Firstly, your girls have to be the best dressed in the neighborhood! And second, great shots of the dragonfly! Never saw one with a "false eye" before!

  8. The girls are beautiful! Lovely and perfect models for your pretty works, Melissa. You did capture the dragonfly super!
    Off to make breakfast and bring the children to school.
    Have a terrific Thursday! xxxx

  9. the outfits are too cute, you're very good with the sewing machine.

    I love dragonflies but have only seen them in pictures and that little frog is too cute.

  10. Your girls outfits are so pretty. I love using sheets for fabric! It is amazing how many items you can make from one sheet. Awesome pictures of the dragonfly and that is so cool that he sat on your hand to warm up!

  11. Those outfits are adorable! And the nature photos, especially the frog, beautiful! Thanks for sharing. Happy Thursday! :o)

  12. He's so cool that he looks almost fake! You took great photos of him (and the girls in their cute clothes, too)!

  13. The outfits are great!! They don't look like sheets at all!

  14. More cute and stylish outfits, your girls are lucky, I wish I had more time to make clothes..
    That dragonfly is awesome! looks like something out of a sci-fi movie!
    And the tree frog is so lovely.. frogs are my absolute favourite animals :)

  15. the pictures of the dragon fly and frog. seriously - the clothes are beautiful - but the pictures make you stare. Awesomeness!

  16. wow! Love your girl's clothes. How talented. AND what a surprise to see my favorite insect in those beautiful pictures.


  17. Spent a loooong pleasant time huddled around the computer screen with the grandkids looking at the dragonfly and the frog. Sooo beautiful!

  18. I need to look for some sheets at GW. Thanks for linking up. I hope you will consider entering Stashbusting September.

  19. How fun, you certainly would have a lot of fabric with sheets. Your girls look cute. You did a nice job with your photos. Thanks for linking.

  20. Is it hard to make leggings? their outfits look great!

    and secondly, wow!... I have never seen a dragonfly with a fake eye before! it was beautiful. Those pics, and the frog, were excellent. Thank you for sharing them :-)

  21. WOW, What a way to use sheets, I have so many I purchased some a missing something from the set. I need to do something with them, thanks for the inspiration.