Monday, May 31, 2010

Look at These Creative Highs!!

My first party was exactly what I expected, small!! So this week everyone gets a feature.

Maridith from Strictly Homemade submitted her dressing-up trick for her great-grandmother's rocking chair.

The patience she showed by hand-pinning all those tucks before she sewed floors me.

Chris from Pickup Some Creativity shares hot to make simple non-slip bows for all those adorable little girls in your life.

My girls have gobs of hair - yesterday I photographed a little girl like Chris's makes me wish mine weren't so big!!

Heather from Storing Up My Treasures shares how she revamped this thrift store candle sconce.

I really like the there and gone again feel of the stencil work she did.

Suzanne from Just Another Hang Up made adorable Gladys the Owl.

Check out the frazzled Gladys sketch Suzanne made before she designed this pillow. Too cute!!

Linda from Coastal Charm shares her light and airy message bottles.

Coastal/Ocean/Beach inspired decor is popular and I understand why!! Who doesn't want to live by or at least keep a constant reminder around of the kicked back relaxation of the sea?

This weeks winner is Maridith from Strictly Homemade!! Don't forget to link up next week!!


  1. Thank you so much for featuring my little ol' owl. (Gladys would probably not appreciate me calling her "old".) Anyway, thanks so much! Love all the other features too!

  2. Hi Melissa, Thank you for sharing some cute and creative ideas, love the owl! I miss my girls being little too and my granddaughters are growing up very fast. Thank you for visiting and leaving your comment on my Memorial Day Wreath, I probably will move the wreath to my picture window for the 4th of July and make something new for the door. I hope you have a great night!

  3. I like all those idea too :)
    Great idea to put the winner on the top of your side bar! SUper idea!
    Hope you had a great memorial day. Thank you for your visit :)
    Enter my give away tomorrow....I don't want you to forget :)
    A plus.

  4. Party what did I miss I did not know about a party...I will go check it out. Hope you enjoyed the day.

  5. Yippee I won!! (Scratch what I wrote in my email!) Thanks for putting my button on the top of your blog and featuring me!! Thank you!!
    BTW- I love that owl!!