Wednesday, March 31, 2010

kid's craft - stained glass from glue and yarn

This will be my last post for several days. I am leaving for a long weekend. The four of us are going to Iowa to visit my parents for Easter. Here is one last project.

I remember when I was small that whenever we visited my dad's parents, they would have the tree decorated with lots of ornaments that their seven children had made. My favorites were ornaments that were oval shapes made of stiffened yarn and had each of my aunts and uncles names written in yarn in cursive in them and they were surrounded by what my mind says was glue that had been colored and allowed to dry.

This is my take on what I remember as a child. They look right to me!! I am pleased with how the turned out.

If you want to try making your own, I wrote a tutorial and posted it at Suite101.

I will probably share this at a few link parties before I leave. Please check them out as well as the links left by other creative ladies!!


  1. How cute is that!!!! What fun for the kids! xo Joan@anythinggoeshere

  2. Been reading. Kids are loving the crafts. Haven't been able to comment much but wanted you to know I have been stopping by. :)

  3. I adore this project. My kiddos would think this is the awesome. Have a great long weekend.


  4. These are great! I had no idea glue could turn into something so stylish.
    Have a great weekend!

  5. Anonymous1:40 AM

    They're great. What a good idea.

  6. Oh. We might try that! We have a lot of yarn and glue!

  7. The colors are just amazing. As being a synesthesian artist I live a life in colors. Synesthesia means that I see colors when I see words and numbers.I transform this in paintings of names and birthdays.

  8. I just wanted to stop by and wish you a very happy Easter. I hope also that you have been having a lovely time with your family.

    Take care and best wishes,