Wednesday, December 12, 2007


We, of the great white north, woke up to absolute magic this morning. Jack Frost went all out last night.

My hands usually ache and are stiff in the morning until around eleven then they have warmed up and limbered up and I am left with an ache in the joints at the base of my fingers. Other joints join in as they see fit. Now that the big flare has passed I can get by with an NSAID as necessary and I take supplements that Heather suggested.

More blood has been drawn to run a battery of test to eliminate things such as Lyme disease before referring me to a rhuematologist but I get the distinct impression my doctor thinks it is some for of rheumatic disease.

K stuck a bead up her nose today. One of those plastic, three cornered beads that kids use for projects. She jammed it way up in there. I tried having her blow her nose. I tried to wiggle it out with a tweezers - nothing so we went to the clinic.

The doctor tried a tweezers but it kept slipping off. Then she took us to ENT and was going to use a vacuum. She had Stinkerbell blow her nose again and out it came. So I wasted a co-pay, I guess.

I guess it is a function of being an artist but one of the most pleasureful activities I can do is run around with my camera. For many years, poetry did for me what photography does for me but about five years ago, photography surpassed poetry for me. I love my other artistic and crafty endeavors as well but photography...

I've been busily sewing on dresses for the girls as their Christmas gifts. Last year I gave them Little House on the Prairie Costumes. The dresses I am making this year are a little older in style - early Victorian, might be a good era for them. DramaQueen's is mostly done and I am very pleased with how it turned out.

I find that getting enough rest is the single most important thing that I can do. Rest is more important than limiting my activity (although using scissors are bound to make my hands sore). I used to sleep about six a night. Life is better if I sleep eight hours and take a nap if necessary.

Having a six-year-old who understands that Adam and Eve brought sin into the world through their original sin and who knows that Christ died for her sins can be frustrating. For some reason (I can't imagine sin has anything to do with it (wink)) she has decided that those two bookends release her from personal responsibility for her actions. We've been having many 'theological' discussions around here.

Stinkerbelle calls icicles icepickles which reminded hubby and I of when DramaQueen was little she called snowmen nosemen.


  1. As usual, your photos are incredibly beautiful!

    My husband has noticed the need for good rest, as well, and it does make a difference in how his aches and pains feel.

  2. I hope you will be able to get the rest you crave.

  3. Melissa,
    I so hope that the doctors can pin point what the problem is.. so they can begin to treat you for the root of the problem.
    I pray for you that you can get the proper amount of rest to help you with your joint pain...
    Your pictures are absolutely out of this world...
    I can tell that photography is your first love,

  4. Anonymous12:23 PM

    Still praying for you...

    The photos are gorgeous. I hope you post some pictures of your girl's dresses, last year's were beautiful.

  5. Your photography causes me to gasp audibly. It is SO beautiful.

    I love reading about your family.

    The 'icepickles' will have me smiling all night long.

  6. Lovely photos but I'm so glad to hear some medical updates on YOU.

    And Dear Little 6 years old. Believe me, she is not the only one who has issues with those faith facts. After all, it's so illogical that Adam's sin be on every tiny innocent babe born. And if the One On High is supposed to be All Loving and Forgiving, why ever do humans have to "sweat-stuff" anyway. -giggles-

    And not -evil giggles- either. I'm not evil. I'm human. I'm like everything in the Universe. I comprise both so-called-good-stuff and so-called-bad-stuff.

    Aren't you glad I'm not her Nana?????? -gigggles- -ducking, running and hiding-


  7. Melissa ~

    My computer time has been so scattered lately, I get confused on where I've commented and where I haven't. I definitely thought I'd commented on this Jumble post, but I guess not.

    I had to laugh about the bead up the nose. One the those *great* family stories in my husband's family is about my hubby's sister (older by 1.5 years). She got a daisy from her Easter bonnet stuck up her nose in the middle of church on Easter Sunday Morning. She was about 4 or 5 years old. The family had to rush out of church to the emergency room. LOL - We all just love that story. Fortunately, she has a great sense of humor. :o)

    I know it's been about a week since you posted this. I hope that staying well rested is still keeping most of the achiness at bay. Still praying for your health.