Monday, April 30, 2007

we took a walk

You do know that taking a walk is just a euphemism for me? A walk is a euphemism for M wants to take pictures. Photos shown in order taken on walk. We walked at one of our favorite parks - Bunker Park, which has what we call a floating bridge (basically a pontoon bridge). We did get a few sprinkles on our head.

tent caterpillars

baby oak leaves

THE earth is awake and the birds have come,
There is life in the beat of the breeze,
And the basswood tops are alive with the hum
And the flash of the hungry bees;
The frogs in the swale in concert croak,
And the glow of the spring is here,
When the bursting leaves on the rough old oak
Are as big as a red squirrel's ear Peter McArthur

how many geese do you see?

to the tune of strawberry fields

dandelion fields forever... ;)

this for me is magic - it is why I love photography - the transcibing of reality into something ethereal using, tone, texture, dof

K using a stick and pretending to be on a phone (we do not own cell phones - so don't blame her parents).

they fight constantly - they adore each other


  1. Oh how talented you are! Such photos.


  2. I really like the picture of your little girl pretending she is using a cell phone.

  3. totally sweet!
    I love them.. and the ducks.. 7?

  4. Beautiful.I especially love the shot that you pointed out as ethereal. It truly is. The girls are so adorable, as usual. :)

  5. Anonymous1:12 PM

    Beauuuuuuuuuutiful photos.

    Tent caterpillars!? I'm going to google that when I finish reading your recent posts.