Thursday, April 26, 2007

as things are

Many blog friends of mine often mention their wariness of 'always happy' blogs. I too feel that way and while I do not think my blog fits into that category, I do tend to smooth over the ickies in my life.

Life has been icky lately - things are not running smoothly and we are facing many large expenditures in the near future. Our house has simply reached that age, however, we were not wise and did not plan for it. We moved into this house when it was at a stage where we didn't have to do anything with it and since we liked the basic decor so we didn't. Shame on us. Planning would have made this a lot easier to deal with. But we didn't and now there is stress, legitimate worries, and friction.


  1. Hi Me, It's a weird line there, and i still havent managed to find it yet either. I too think its important to be honest and not pretend life is better than what it is--when folks do that then it feeds people unrealistic expectations (oh look, all these other people have it so smooth, so hey whats wrong with me, or wrong with my partner, or wrong with my home, or wrong with my dot dot dot?). And that's harmful.

    And yet, so many times when folks do express whats going wrong thats when others seem to get bored or uncomfortable or back away from their blogs (or their person, in "real life"). It's not right, and yet i see it happening alot.

    Perhaps the key is the model of the Book of Psalms...David woe-ed his little heart out complaining really, and yet in the end he always seemed to reach for the thread of trust and praise to follow, so that it still wove solidly in and out. Anyway, just thoughts.

    I can definitely empathize with the repair woes unfortunately : (
    Big Big Hug!

    Paix, Wendy

  2. Wendy's comment and your thoughts about blogs are very interesting.

    Regarding houses, we are at a point where we *know* we need to do some things to keep our home nice and sturdy, etc, but the expense does make it seem like we shouldn't be doing some things. But neglecting everything doesn't seem to be the answer either. These just are not easy decisions to make and are causing us a bit of stress for us as well. I hope that everything turns out well for you--of course you know that God provides, but worrying about things is just so hard *not* to do.

    Thanks for your honest post.

  3. "wariness of 'always happy' blogs."

    I totally understand, and mine probably falls mostly into that category. -giggles- But, not totally! Every once in a while, I go off on a real rant! -more giggles- Shakes things up, a bit.

    Actually, I simply choose to not share real life much. Just _my_ choice for this blogging of mine. And we each do our blogging, exactly as we want to.

    Sorry life around your place, is being icky of late. Yup, that happens. In fact, it's my view, that a whole lot of ICK,
    is a big part of life in general.


    And hugs,

  4. I am blank in the head as it seems to have given itself over to a cold ... so I'll nod lots about the push/pull of blog writing and add my prayers to all the above.

    ps. I love the frog, He has a great smile and the flowers, especially the dandilions, they are a favourite here as well.

  5. I'm sorry things are not so great right now. I hope your house issues get worked out. It seems like there's always something else that needs to be done, just about the time you finish the first thing.

  6. Oh, I'm praying for you - it can be such a strain. (((Me)))

  7. You raise a very good point. I try to avoid the bad bits on my blog, and go a bit quiet when I am short on upbeat stuff to talk about. I feel that there is a line of privacy, and I try to maintain the privacy of my family. We don't talk with our own parents about most of our problems, so I am hardly going to put it on the internet!

    That said, I hope your house issues are resloved sooner, rather than later. We're about to launch into some renovations, and it's awful scary!

  8. I thought the arrival of spring would be the answer for me.

    Sadly, things just got worse.

    EVERYTHING got worse.

    I agree with the pattern of David's psalms.

    Life is hard. God is good.

  9. I remember a professor I had in college. I don't remember what the class was, or what the lecture was about. However, I remember his illustration about dealing with worry, patience, and pressure.

    He said that when you took this one street in his hometown it went from one high hill down to a river and up to a high hill on the other side of the river. If at night you were travelling from one side of the city to the other you reached the top of one of the hills and as you looked down the street, across the river and up the other side, all you saw were red stop lights. Because of all the red lights you might think you would never reach the other hill. However, as you started travelling you only came upon one red light at a time. They would turn green and you would progress to the next red light that might have turned green before you reached it.

    He went on to tell us that our time in college and during life might appear to be filled with all red lights. However, if we realized we didn't have to deal with all the red lights at the same time rather one light at a time. This would give us a better perspective on college and life.

    Now doesn't that sound like a sappy little story someone would tell a college freshman? However, I have found that life is a lot like that.

  10. Anonymous3:17 PM

    Yup. In the same spot--leaky roof, leaky basement, leaky sink under the floor boards, and the list goes on. We knew ours needed work when we bought it (it was 50 years old then) but had no money so have gradually been fixing what seemed best. Amazing how long one can live with a fallen in ceiling with a gaping hole in the living room. The decision to fix or not is hard, especially when you know it is going to cost an arma and a leg (of which you have no extra.)

    Praying for you all.

    On a different note--got your letter today--the kids were tickled. And I will answer your email soon--really. Things are busy here as well.

  11. I can relate. Makes you feel like a naughty child who should have known better. Sorry.

  12. Me, praying things get better for you soon, and that God will provide some relief.