Friday, December 06, 2013

menagerie and the wizard of oz (in reverse order)

Last night we went to see Andrew Lloyd Weber's Wizard of Oz. I braided the girls' hair for the event. C's hair (above) is done in a coronet style that I've done on both of the girls multiple times. K's hair is a new twist on the coronet that I found on Pinterest. It isn't as cool as the photos on the blog Lovelyish but I am still pleased with how it turned out.


It was kids' night and included craft activities. They had rainbow bracelets and tissue paper poppies. I didn't get photos of the poppy activity as it was very crowded.

They had props and characters for you take photos with. Above you see the house that squashed the witch. Below is a Christmas Tree Cyclone.

Menagerie describes our last stop on SoCal Vacation. We went to the San Diego zoo. Above you see K loving on Grampy Howard.

Studying the map to see where we went want to go.

Not snakes - legless lizards - I find these creatures much creepier than snakes. Snakes are cool - these are weird.

These turtles munching on their veggies make me smile.

Aren't Fennec Foxes the cutest? I think so!

Beauty - youth and age.

C wasn't so sure about riding the sky tram but it makes sense when there are certain things you want to see and not the time you need to see them.

Here is the main reason we went to the San Diego Zoo - capybaras. Capybaras are the worlds largest rodents and K absolutely loves them.

This magpie made me smile. He was supposed to be in the enclosure with the Secretary birds. However, they were on a nest so he was in a building next to the enclosure. I walked up to him and said "Hi Magpie." Tim swears he said hi back (magpies can be taught to speak). He interacted with us for quite awhile. When we left he flew to a different part of the shed - apparently we were his attraction too.

We had excellent timing and luck at the zoo; their three pandas were active. The young guy above is 18 months old.

The Koalas weren't sleeping - which if you know anything at all about Koalas is a rare occurrence.

Sooner or later, I will be up to date - maybe - maybe not. I am struggling with serious angst and depression. I've been dealing with it since late August and I just can't seem to get past it.

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  1. I love your hair styles for the girls. I wish I knew how to do those for my girl when she was younger. The legless snakes really remind me of Satan in the Genesis story.