Friday, November 01, 2013

Rennaisance Festival

As this is a look back at all the stuff I didn't post in a timely fashion, I will mention that I was still training for my marathon. Usually Saturdays were my day for a long run but the week of the Renn Fest, I went for my run on Friday. It was a lovely run and I was able to enjoy the Renn Fest without stiffness.

This woman propositioned Tim. He was very embarrassed.

K tried out the archery exhibit. The girls took archery this summer and really enjoyed it. C in particular loves archery.

Tim and the girls dressed up. I had initially intended to sew the girls and myself costumes from scratch. However, their pattern was a stinker and some personal incidents kind of bummed me out. So we scoured Goodwill for dresses to make into skirts. We happened to find a fabulous shirt for C and I modified one of my old shirts for C. A scarf and hair chalk finished my gypsy girl's outfit. I made a head scarf and an apron for C's outfit. I didn't have an outfit. 

We went to the raptor show. Naturally, I took many shots. This shot of the owl with his mouse-snack hanging out of his mouth was my favorite, if only for the gross factor.

K was fascinated by this blacksmith. I really hoped she would receive the spear tip he fashioned while showing us how an anvil and bellows worked but he gave it to someone else. 

Naturally, we went to the petting zoo. The girls can't walk past animals without petting them and loving them.

K loves to ride the exotics. She has ridden elephants on several occasions but she decided that this year she needed to try a camel.

We went to the Arabian horse show and the jousting event. Naturally, K had to meet all the horses!!

The giant rocking horse, I think the girls ride it every year. They absolutely love it. 

I had to share some photos of my free-spirit being - well - free-spirited. I also wanted to share her costume in color. Can you see the pink hair ends on her braids!!

We enjoyed a show by our favorite troupe, The Danger Committee. They juggle and do knife tricks and tell very sarcastic jokes. 

We hiked the fairy tale forest. I've always thought hedge-hogs were darling and think it would be fun to own one. K now agrees - we were smitten by this little guy. 

Our day ended with bubbles and a misty sprinkler in the setting sun. It was a beautiful day - perfect temperature and everyone was mellow. 


  1. You have a very nice Ren Faire. I love all of your pictures and am so glad to find someone else who appreciates Black and White.

  2. I always enjoy your posts from the Renaissance Fair. One day I hope to go this fair, your photos are wonderful. That hedgehog is darling!