Wednesday, July 24, 2013

The Fourth

My parents came to visit for the Fourth of July. 

We went to see fireworks at the Blaine Sport Center. As is always the case with my parents, reading and books were involved throughout the weekend. 

Old sparklers are hard to light. These sparklers were from last year and we had a difficult time lighting them (it probably didn't help that the lighter was running out of fuel). I think they must absorb moisture from the air. 

On Friday after the Fourth, the girls, Mom, and I went strawberry picking and picked twenty pounds of strawberries. We processed them and I made a pound cake for us to eat some fresh with.

We also celebrated Unbirthday. Hopefully, I will take and work up pictures of all the wonderful handmade gifts the girls received from my Mom and share them with you. 

On Saturday I cut up the cake, made some vanilla pudding from scratch, whipped some cream and made a fabulous trifle with the strawberries and some blueberries that my Dad bought.

We brought the trifle to our next door neighbor's Fourth of July party.

The girls enjoyed the annual picnic and party next door. This year our neighbors held it on the Saturday after our country's Independence Celebration. 

Tim and I took advantage of having my parents around to go see the Lone Ranger. We enjoyed it. It had flaws but the William Tell scenes were great.

We did many other things but I don't have photos so my memory is fuzzy. I really wanted to share the trifle even though there are no photos because it really was excellent.

P.S. I've lost more than thirty pounds and am training for a marathon (long story that I hope to share - if I find time).


  1. Wow, you are on fire with your 30 pounds and marathon training! Congratulations, Melissa, that is just cool. That inspires me, but unfortunately, the description of your trifle inspires me in the opposite direction...

  2. Please share your training story!! I love trifle too, we received a trifle bowl for a wedding gift and 20 years later it is still going strong. Beautiful family portraits , I always love how how America celebrates.