Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Last Few Bits and Blurbs Before The Stuff Appears

The last few events of the summer included VBS. C is now too old for VBS so just K went.  In addition to the all the things photographed, K attended a Safety Camp and both the girls attended four different art camps (photos of projects should come soon).

Two weekends ago, we went up to Dave's Cabin. Dave is the owner of the company where Tim works. For as long as he has owned Delta, Dave has had a picnic for all his employees up at his cabin by the lake. Tim has been working for Dave for 19 years. We've gone from being among the youngest employee families to being the not so young employees. In fact, Tim is the senior mechanical engineer.

The big guy himself, Dave always grills the food for the picnic. Below you will see the few candids I took that weekend.



  1. I think kids should go to summer camp or camps. You are such a smart mom. Love the B&W images as usual.

  2. I remember beings so sad when my older kids were too old for VBS. I guess it was a milestone I hadn't planned for. Great photos, as always.

  3. Sounds like the kids had a great Summer. How nice, in todays world, that your husband work for a company that appreciates it's employees! There's so few and far between

  4. I remember you posting before about this annual picnic--such a nice gesture to show appreciation to the employees.

  5. I love the candids you captured. The summer is slipping away quickly. So glad it has been filled with fun.