Monday, May 06, 2013

Raptor Release, Shibas, and Jewelry

This weekend, we went to a Raptor Release. Of course, we enjoyed the other events at the release too. I always love seeing these little fellows. I am not sure if I've ever shared my story about an American Kestrel from my childhood. I shared it on FB with a friend so I will cut and paste it for you.

When I was young, around Junior High age, Dustin and I would feed the sheep in the evening if Mom and Dad needed us to. It was snowing heavily one evening, and we saw a bird in the alfalfa stack. When we investigated, we discovered a male kestrel and a western meadowlark (which is roughly the same sized as this bird). Apparently, there had been a battle and when the meadowlark expired, it had died with its talons around the 'ankles' of the kestrel. We brought it into the house and fed it bits of meat and tried to find out what to do for it/with it. After several days of trying to find help, we set it free (we didn't know whether it was injured or not - it seemed healthy but we weren't sure). Sadly, we found a male kestrel body in the spring. As a result, I have always had a particular fondness for these beautiful, little raptors.

I rather prefer the appearance of juvenile bald eagles over the looks of adult bald eagles.

K is our bird lover and expert. She correctly identified some less widely known species of raptors much to the surprise of the raptor center experts who were teaching the crowd.

K was equally excited to see the police horse. :) Birds, horses, animals she is our nature girl. 

I don't think I have any readers who live close enough to adopt this fellow but if I didn't have two Shibas already I would adopt this guy.

His name is Beamer and he is the nine-year-old lifelong pet of an owner who recently passed away and he sounds like just about the sweetest dog ever.

When we were at the Raptor Release, one of my recent jewelry endeavors caught the attention of a woman who asked if I would work with some stuff she kept from when her daughter was little. I am not ready/willing to take a commission.

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  1. I hope Beamer finds a family soon, a beautiful little dude! Gorgeous necklace, melissa, love the layered large elements.