Wednesday, May 15, 2013

stash-busting update

Mostly, I've been organizing my stash and gearing up to garden so I don't have much exciting to share. I've had the girls going through their clothes and getting rid of stuff that is too small. It really bugs me to throw away perfectly good and cute tights so I took a cue from Ruffles and Stuff and have been making over all of K's tights I think I've made something like eight pairs of socks. Thankfully, this girl likes funky knee-highs.

Someone wanted to see my catgoyle and unicorn so here they are:

And while I am sharing odd statuary - here is Tim's Feast on Fools figurine. 

I've also so played around with silverware jewelry. I've shared a couple of the pieces already but I figured I would do it proper now.

All the silverware pieces were combined with pieces from my junk costume jewelry stash (my junk jewelry stash is ridiculously huge but while sorting it, I found some real silver pieces and I found a great pair of earrings that look hand-made and which I think are silver too).

Stash Bust
  • 8 pairs of fun knee highs - complete stash bust
  • 4 silverware and costume jewelry necklaces (one (the last one) of which I wear regularly and which can be seen in my hair-coloring post) - complete stash bust
  • I've also made around a dozen napkins (including a set of Christmas napkins)


  1. I really like your statues.

  2. Girl, you are on a roll aren't ya? Good for you! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  3. Love the spoon bowl necklace! and the socks are pretty adorable, what a smart way to recycle.

  4. Those socks really rock. And so does the jewelry! What do you use to cut the metal?

  5. I wish I had thought of the sock thing when my girls were wearing tights. That's brilliant.. and frugal. Your jewelry is beautiful. My daughter purchased a spoon ring at Fair last year and my mother fell in love with a spoon bracelet at the Christmas bazaar.

    Keep pecking away at that stash of yours. You are inspiring every time..

    :) Debbie

  6. Great tip with the tights! Your jewelry is so pretty! You been one busy lady. I am so behind on everything and have no umph to get back up and going. Love your statues too :)