Tuesday, April 30, 2013

celebrating bryson and bennett's first year

blue bunnies for the twins and a spare
I am so glad I have followers who don't follow me because I belong to a category of blog but rather listen to all my various ramblings. The bunnies are from Pinterest - the Mooshie Bunny Tutorial by Chez Bepper Bebe.

The tutorial recommended stripey t-shirts for the fabric but none of the old t's in my stash worked for boys and the twins' daddy likes things to be boyish. So I made a spare from some old dance t-shirts and I must agree that stripey fabric is much cuter but who cares. The boys' didn't!!

My sister is a librarian so naturally the rest of the gift was books for the babes. :)

my Dad helps Bennett drink from a water bottle

my bro and his girl
Grandma and Bennett
birthday boys (actual birthday March 10)

he has his cake and eats it too
Bennett ate his cake, Bryson's cake wound up on the floor.

Dustin plays ball with his girl

Big brother Kyler plays with his cousin

now why would a picture of my girl end up in there?
Mom and Bryson

Dad and Bryson

I am so glad my sister is the only one of my sibs with boys. Cause now I can say without worrying about hurting anyone's feelings that the twins are the cutest boys on the planet - with a close second in Kyler, their big bro!!


  1. Love that closeup shot of the little hand clutching the bunny! Evey little creature in this post is adorable, including the bunnies.

  2. Those little guys have been through so much! Such beautiful photos, the bunnies are perfect. Happy first birthday sweet Bryson and Bennett, your debut in this world have touched so many lives in ways you could never imagined. Blessings!

  3. Such little cuties.

    The bunnies are so cool too.

    Great photos. xx

  4. Adorable photos. I'm glad they are doing so well.

  5. Happy Birthday to these darling boys. Thank the Lord for their obivious health.

  6. They ARE the cutest! That photo of Bennett eating his cake is classic. Every person should have at least one of those eat-cake-with-your-whole-body-baby photos. :)