Tuesday, February 05, 2013

the blues

I've been in a funk lately. Often, I can pinpoint the reason but right now, I can't. Probably a bit of the winter blahs. We've been busy but not with anything particularly photo worthy so I don't have any pictures to go with this post but this one little stash bust.

My version of the wooden spool tree. Everything is from my stash.

We do have news. We are a single car family as of yesterday. Our sixteen-year-old Subaru Impreza (I can't believe we owned it for fifteen years - makes me feel very old) was on its last legs. The transmission was going bad, then in early January someone hit Tim when he was coming home from work. The insurance company totaled our dear old car for more than we would have been able to sell it for. We are going to put the money in the bank, pray for a nice tax refund, and put money in savings every month until we feel we can purchase ourselves a new vehicle.

On Saturday, I gave myself a tetanus scare. I was trying to break wax out of a candle jar with an old ice-pick: a very old, very rusty ice pick from Tim's grandfather. I stabbed it into the fleshy part of my index finger.

After two trips to Urgent Care (the first time we arrived five minutes after it closed), I found out my tetanus shot still had a year-and-a-half left on it. The doctor said the wound was clean and healing nicely.

On Sunday, K gave us a smile scare. She was playing in the gym at Awanas when she went for a ball and landed with her face in the bleachers. She cut her gums and bruised the inside of her lips. Fortunately, no teeth were loosened.

Most of our activity has been routine stuff and my FIL's visit. Because of the way life has been lately, I didn't take any photos of the activities while Keith was here. I did have a photo shoot with two young boys that turned out great. I have some really fun pictues of them.

In addition, we've been working hard to get our production of Romeo and Juliet ready. Our 'main' homeschool group has been studying Shakespeare. The children will be be putting on a very abbreviated version of the play and performing soliliqueys.

Here are the drawings my girls made to be included in the program.


  1. I wish I could send you some warm sun. I would have winter blahs if I lived further north. I have not left this house in three days, just because. CC was completely thrilled to have snow, at college, last weekend in the North Ga. mountains. It did not stick but we southerners get excited at the least little flake:}

  2. It must be the winter blahs. I get those sometimes too. I hope you feel like yourself again soon.

    Thank goodness no teeth were loosened, that would have been traumatizing (not to mention, cost a fortune)!

  3. Oh, my, It sounds like you have had a lot of medical issues come up. Perhaps that is also why you are down a little...a lot to happen all at the same time. {hugs}

  4. I also get winter blues, funk, insomnia. It's awful, drains me creatively. I really understand. I am so glad you don't have tetanus, it is so serious, what a scare. The illustrations are beautiful, as is your destash project.
    Here's hoping spring will come soon and there will be flowers and life.

  5. What cool R&J art! Your girls have much talent and beautiful imaginations, inherited from mom, no doubt. I'm sso orry you are blah - there are so many times we can't put a finger on the reason and that kind of sucks because it makes it harder to talk ourselves around. I love the beautiful vintage ivory colors on your spool thingie. Congrats on one car - no, really! We just became a one-car family by choice, and it feels quite good.

  6. Bless your heart! Sound like a lot on your plate here lately! Know how you feel! A few weeks ago (weather in the 70's) so can't blame it on that...I was feeling the same way! Just BLAH! Praise the Lord through prayer I got out of that funk! Glad your cut is healing nicely. my grandson got smacked once with a ball during game time at Awana and bless his heart...knocked the breath out of him. Praying for a good rest of the week. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  7. Lovely art. Sorry the winter blahs have hit. I hope some sunshine peeks through soon. :)

  8. It's no wonder you're feeling blue. Loss of a vehicle, ice pick in finger and daughter's beautiful face full of bleachers- blah!

    Sounds like you are being wise stewards though. I'm praying for the just right vehicle at the just right price and the just right time.

    Love all of the creativity always happening there (even when in the blues).

    Blessings, Debbie

  9. Hmmmmm. I have to go to my doctor for my annual physical and you make me wonder if my tetanus shot is up to date. (Scribbles note to self.) See? You're more helpful than you know. :D

  10. I had those winter blahs a day or so ago and then just got so busy they vanished. Hope yours lighten up soon.