Friday, September 07, 2012

hello week, goodbye week

tomato blossom

Last Sunday, we picked up Tim's Mom at the airport. Since then we've shopped, celebrated C's birthday, and had a couple of school days. Today, we are going to the Mall of America to the American Girl Store. Oh yeah, for me. I really don't like that place!!

zinnia blossom

On Labor Day, my MIL wanted to shop for birthday presents for C and clothes for the girls. We shopped, and shopped, and shopped. Frankly, shopping isn't my favorite thing to do these days but the girls had fun and got lots of really cute clothes. 

zinnia blossom
 On Tuesday, Tim went back to work and I taxied the girls and Gram for some more shopping until after lunch. Then they went to Gram's hotel (her choice - it would be easier for me if she stayed here) for swimming. In the evening, we picked Tim up at work and went to Olive Garden for C's birthday feast. We opened presents in the evening. I think C really enjoyed her birthday.
cantaloupe twist
 On Wednesday and Thursday we had school in the mornings. On Wednesday afternoon, the girls had a game day; they were awesome all day long. They weren't quite so well-behaved yesterday but still had a good day.


Um - no, I did not take pictures on C's birthday so these flowers will have to suffice. 

When my parents were here the weekend before last, my Mom and I wandered around the yard and I shot these photos. We also went on a bird walk that weekend. I did take pictures of that and you can see them on my homeschool blog

I suppose you might wonder what I did during the month of August when I only occasionally posted photos and no journalling.  Mostly we focused on school and preserving produce from the garden.

 We finished school by the beginning of May last year so I thought it wouldn't hurt to start early. The more I think about it, the more I like the idea. It fits the weather better. By May, the weather is finally turning nice and you finally want to be outside or in the garden again.  By August we've hit the dog days and don't want to be outside anyhow, so why not take advantage of homeschool flexibility.


School for the public school children started on C's birthday. It was weird to be shopping with Gram and the girls and not to see any children. 


 The only other notable thing in August that wasn't shared here was the discovery of this guy on the faucet nozzle under the deck.  He was terribly cute and fascinating.

 I will leave you to enjoy more flowers (funny, I didn't take any photos of my giant sunflowers (well over twelve feet tall).


I just love how marigolds look as if they were quilled. :)


  1. You've been busy! What a blessing for your girls to have time with both grandparents. Happy birthday wishes for C! Enjoy your weekend. My parents are coming today, and I'm excited. :)

  2. I love all your pictures! Sounds like you've had a lot going on! Happy Birthday to C!

  3. You have certainly been busy! I remember from past posts how much you dislike the AG Store...I hope it was a quick trip. The flower photos are lovely. I found a baby one of those "guys" in our basement a few days ago. Unfortunately, when I tried to catch him he went into a full closet. Took a few days but he finally came out and I was able to rescue him & put him outside where he belongs!

  4. CC had an American Girl doll and now you have me wondering where it is. I think I might like the store because I have always liked doll clothes. You have been busy indeed. Love these B&W flower images.

  5. Happy Birthday to C!
    My little three year old "student" spent all day Wednesday calling his desk his "recess". I didn't correct him until the end of the day because it was just so cute to see how excited he was!

  6. Sounds as though C had a birthday week filled with fun! :) Your photos are gorgeous. I think you should turn them into a calendar. Love the guy you found on the faucet! Would you mind if I captured the colored photo for my desktop background? Personal use only. And it's okay if you decide 'no' . :)