Wednesday, June 06, 2012

blossoms, dogs, and a schnoz

I haven't crafted much lately. Taking the dogs out, getting ready for our trip out to California, and taking care of the garden take a huge amount of time. 

Last week, I took the dog's to the vet. It was expensive and, worse yet, Yuuko needs her teeth cleaned and will probably need a tooth pulled - it will be very, very expensive. :( Unfortunately, we can tell the tooth bothers her - for as long as we've had her her favorite way to be petted is a gentle massage along the lower jaw. Her grouchy moods where she snarls at Kei might be reduced if her tooth felt better. But then again, maybe she is just a grouchy girl.

We asked the vet to age the dogs. He is of the opinion that Kei is seven and Yuuko is probably eight - that means she might have had up to fourteen litters of puppies - no wonder she just wants to be left alone sometimes. 

We have a trip to California looming on the horizon. We will be out in California June 11-25th. Tim's parents have a time-share and they are taking us to Lake Tahoe - where we will be staying at Incline Village.

Preparation for the trip has already been a negative ordeal. I won't bore you with the tedious details but Tim and I (myself especially) are struggling to start out with the right attitude.

Time with Tim's parents is very, very hard. They dislike me and I disagree with much of what the believe and they act like children and so over the years things have been complicated, hostile, and generally uncomfortable.

For at least five years, my m.o. has been to smile, be quiet, and spend my time reading, embroidering, and taking photos. It is always long...I smile and try to non-respond when Carole baits me or insults me to my face. One fun thing will be stopping at Sequoia National Park on the way to Tahoe.

Since we have our own rooms and because I know there will be loads of time for sitting and waiting as well as avoiding confrontation. I will probably post from California.

Before we leave, we will have a busy weekend. On Saturday, we will be going to the KTIS Family Fun Fest. Peter Furler, Phil Joel, and Go Fish will be performing so we just can't miss it. Maybe K can get a picture with Peter Furler again.

On Sunday, the girls will have their piano recital. 

I've been struggling with my allergies and sinus issues since we got the dogs. I am not sure how much of it is the dogs (yes I am allergic to dogs) and how much is seasonal allergies.

I had headaches much of last weekend and my molars were getting very sensitive but I was stubborn. I felt somewhat better on Monday. Yesterday, I was nauseous and had dizzy spells. So I went to the doctor and ,as I suspected, it was sinus infection (I think stress was a trigger, I got one before our last trip to California too). It was a tough day yesterday.  I couldn't do much without getting dizzy.

When Tim came home last night, he told me that one of the salesmen at his company died of a brain aneurysm over the weekend. Greg was young - I am not sure he was even forty yet. I remember seeing him read Dickens on one of our trips to Mexico.

Aneurysms creep me out - they are sudden, unpredictable, and deadly.

Aren't my lilies lovely? :)


  1. HUG.

    It seems like you need one right now. And a cup of tea and an hour to sit on the deck with your feet up just being. I can't do anything about the tea or the hour but I can send a virtual hug.

    I had a m-i-l like that. Her son and I are no longer a couple and she has passed, but I know how you feel. I used to get a lot of books read and a lot of cross-stitching done when we'd go visit. I learned a lot too, about what made her the way she was and how not to be that way when our daughter married. There are some things which you want to pass down through the ages and there are some things, like attitudes, that you don't.

    So, I shall try to send you calming vibes through the stratosphere as you trek westward.


  2. My goodness there is so much going on for you! Have you tried a sinus rinse? They've been really helpful for me. As for in laws, I am sorry things are so rocky. I've had a difficult time with mine as well. It just makes everything hard. Wishing you some peace as you prepare.

  3. Sweet pics and your lillies are beautiful! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  4. Your lilies are gorgeous!
    Aneurysms are bad... I have a friend that had one... He has never been the same... kind of like a stroke... Sounds like a challenging trip and not much of a vacation. You should be able to take lots of pics! :)

    Poor pup. Our kitty had all but his 4 top and 4 bottom teeth pulled. He is much happier now. :)

  5. California is such a beautiful state. I have never been to Lake Tahoe or Sequoia, but my sister snowboards in Tahoe and has so many good things to say about, it's definitely on my bucket list. Will the dogs be travelling with you or do you board them? I am so sorry that the relationship with your inlaws is intense, how difficult. Make lots of memories this vacation, I will be thinking about you and praying that the situation improves. Be well.

    PS There is a package in the mail for you and will be waiting for you upon your return, Canada Post willing.

  6. I had to come visit to see whose schnoz you were blogging about. Sorry to hear it's yours. Our allergist recommends increasing Vitamin C intake by 1000mg to reduce the symptoms. The extra VitC is supposed to kill the yeast in your body, so the allergens (and pollen) has nothing to 'stick' to in your nose. We've been doing this, and Son#2 has severe allergies. This year, he needed no allergy meds. It's worth a try. You cannot OD on VitC. You'll just void whatever your body can't use.

    I'm praying for you, and will pray throughout your California trip. Family time can be so stressful. I'm sorry to hear you'll be in the combat zone of life. (((HUGS))) sweet friend!

  7. So sorry you're suffering with your sinuses, hope you feel better soon. I've had almost endless infections since the end of last year, I'm still not quite right.

    I'll be praying about your trip. Hope that it is much more pleasant for you this time...I'd refuse to go - I admire you for going and braving it out. HUGS xx

    p.s. We will get around to our letters soon, it's been so busy. x

  8. Sounds like you have a lot on your plate right now. My sympathies. The lilies are certainly lovely - at least we can take pleasure in nature's simple beauty.