Thursday, May 31, 2012

Pollyanna-ish - a fab gift from a blog friend

Last week Friday, I got the coolest surprise gift from Deb at the Craftymoose. She sent me one of her beaded prism suncatchers. I love prisms. I want to live inside a rainbow just like Pollyana.

If you really want to live in a rainbow--I don't see but we'll have to have a rainbow for you to live in!"

Pollyanna had not hung up three of the pendants in the sunlit window before she saw a little of what was going to happen. She was so excited then she could scarcely control her shaking fingers enough to hang up the rest.

But at last her task was finished, and she stepped back with a low cry of delight.
It had become a fairyland--that sumptuous, but dreary bedroom. Everywhere were bits of dancing red and green, violet and orange, gold and blue. The wall, the floor, and the furniture, even to the bed itself, were aflame with shimmering bits of color.

"Oh, I forgot. You don't know about the game. I remember now."
 "Suppose you tell me, then."

And this time Pollyanna told him....For a moment there was silence. Then a low voice from the bed said unsteadily:

"Perhaps; but I'm thinking that the very finest prism of them all is yourself, Pollyanna."

"Oh, but I don't show beautiful red and green and purple when the sun shines through me, Mr. Pendleton!"

"Don't you?" smiled the man. And Pollyanna, looking into his face, wondered why there were tears in his eyes.
"No," she said. Then, after a minute she added mournfully: "I'm afraid, Mr. Pendleton, the sun doesn't make anything but freckles out of me. Aunt Polly says it does make them!

The man laughed a little; and again Pollyanna looked at him: the laugh had sounded almost like a sob.
It has been so very cloudy that it wasn't until yesterday that I had a chance to see sun shine through it. It works very well (and I know for a fact that if you didn't have a massive living room and that if your walls were painted a light color it would work even better).

 Here it hangs in the entry window above the the three WWII tank prisms that I have in the window. As soon as the sun hit it, K who was in the kitchen pointed to the microwave and said Mom look a rainbow!!

They are hard to see in this photo but it is scattering little rainbows around my paper mache cross - the big rainbow is from one of the tank prisms.

Naturally, once I got out the camera - I took scads of photos of my little Pollyanna in rainbows. BTW I posted a few shots of her birthday over here if you want to look.

When Deb makes these for her shop, I am definitely buying more (I wish I had the money to make a whole curtain of them all different lengths above the entry!!)


  1. Hooray for Pollyanna! I loved her rainbow catchers, and now you have your own...lucky girl!

  2. Awe.. such a sweet gift. Hugs and blessing, Cindy

  3. How sweet and a curtain of them would be wonderful.

  4. I'm so happy you like it Melissa and that it threw a lot of little rainbows! Enjoy!

  5. My dad is a physicist and he used to bring us home prisms from work for us to play with, your post has brought back many memories. The photo you captured of the rainbow on your daughter's face is amazing.
    We also love Pollyana a whole lot in this house.

  6. I need one of those prisms, so I can make rainbows whenever the sun comes out. Delightful!

  7. Oh I love prisms, and rainbows. That is a lovely gift. I love the photo of your girl with rainbow shining on her face, just gorgeous.