Friday, April 20, 2012

The Twins (mostly Bryson)

On Wednesday, I went to visit my sister. The girls went to play with K at the Ronald McDonald house. They hung out in the room because K had a cold. A didn't want to infect any of the children who stay at the Ronald McDonald house that have auto-immune disorders.

I got to go visit the babies with A. She got to do Kangaroo care with Bryson so most of the photos are of him - there are a few photos of Bennett in his isolette at the end. The shots above and below are of Bryson in his isolette.

Bryson startles as they take him out for A to hold. I think they are soooo cute - they look just like their Daddy (except they are cute and he is just an old person like me). ;)

Doesn't he look like he is smiling? So happy to be held by Mom. We are thrilled to bits as of today, the babies have strung almost ten stable days in a row - they are gaining weight steadily.

The above shot of A is perhaps my favorite shot I took of them. I wish I couldn't have taken prettier photos but the lights were low and I didn't use a flash so we wouldn't hurt their little eyes (they do have some retinopathy but it is relatively slight and the doctors are not concerned but they will keep an eye on it). So these shots are with maximum ISO and wides aperture.

I am fascinated by his little hand - notice all the fingers but his thumb are almost exactly the same length. Does anyone know, is that typical in preemies or is it a characteristic of Bryson?

The shot above and below are from the few pictures I took of Bennett in his isolette.

God is good - the babies grow and are strong.


  1. Such precious little ones. Beautiful photos.

  2. Such wonderful news! I've been thinking of those two lately. :)

  3. Such beautiful boys.

  4. Thanks for sharing the wonderful news--I was so happy to hear that the boys are doing well. Beautiful photos to cherish.

  5. what a moving post Melissa. amazing to see the babes growing.

  6. So precious! Love the photos and praying they contiue on their current path of growing

  7. Oh thank you so much for sharing, the twins are growing. I wish your sister and her husband during this difficult time. Every ounce is cause to celebrate. You are right God is good. Blessings to your family. The photos are beautiful as is your new blog header.

  8. Anonymous7:19 AM

    Thanks so much for the beautiful pictures. We are so thrilled that they are doing so well.


  9. God is so so good indeed sweet Melissa. They are beautiful in their tiny perfection. Oh the memories that flood back to me.

  10. What beautiful pictures. So glad that they are putting on weight. Every day will get better. I don't remember my babies having fingers the same length. That's interesting.

    Best wishes to the whole family.