Sunday, March 25, 2012

weekend with my sister's family and my parents

A and R had a rather emotionally draining week last week. On Friday, it looked like BG was going to need open heart surgery. However, God blessed them and the doctors decided that drug therapy may be enough to close the hole in his heart. I asked my sister if it would be okay if I shared her CaringBridge page and she said it would be so now you can read firsthand accounts of  Bryson and Bennett.

A did get to hold Bennett on Saturday (you need to look at the photos on the CaringBridge page - it is amazing how tiny they are) and I think it did her aching arms and heart a lot of good. My parents came up for the weekend and so we all headed over to the Minneapolis Convention Center so the kids could hang out and see the animals at the Pet Fair.

This cockatoo knew how to put away his toys.

I was amazed out how many little ones in strollers were at the fair and at how they could sleep; the din was unimaginable!!

All the photos above makes it look like we had a weekend full of activity. However, the kids might remember that there was a lot of standing around. As you know, adults stand around a lot, especially when making plans. Of course, hospitals are a place where you spend a lot of time waiting. Poor K. I took a lot of shots trying to see the world through his eyes.

When you think about it, kids put up with a lot. :)

Mom and Dad needed a shot for their Church Directory. This is an outtake - I love the smirks. The girls wanted their picture with Mom and Dad. You can see it below.

For the curious, my magnolia is happily blooming behind them.


  1. Thanks for the updates on your nephews. It looks like it was a fun break for everyone.

  2. kids do put up with a lot.

    Thanks for keeping us posted on the babes' progress Melissa. Have a great week!

  3. What fun pictures. Special times and lots of memories! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  4. Yes, kids do put up with a lot. I love your photos.

    I don't think I'm snake-phobic, but I don't think I'd get that close to that big boa. *shudder*.

  5. Thanks for the udates. Praying for all.
    Looks like you all got a much needed break and a great memory making time!

  6. I just visted the CaringBridge page. The twins are so small, precious, and their eyes say it all. Thank you so much for keeping us updated, this must be a time filled with so many emotions.
    and yes, kids do put up with alot. As for the petshow, we are a dog family - love the photo of the Marmaduke.
    The photo of your parents is captured beautifully.

  7. what a fun day for everyone. It's amazing how they teach the animals all those tricks.