Sunday, March 18, 2012

keeping the pencil sharp

We have had a terrible time keeping pencils sharp around here - hand sharpeners sometimes worked, sometimes didn't. The little ones that kids keep in their desk at school don't always fit or work well. The hand turn ones that we had bought previous only ground on one tumbler and would end up jamming on that plastic they put on those novelty pencils that the girls pick up at every kids event they go to. I don't even want to discuss what those plastic pencils did to electric sharpeners. Finally, we found a good old fashioned sharpener like I remember from school when I was a child.

It need to be mounted but I wanted it to be portable. So I called my friend who picks up road kill (his term not mine - he curb shops) and who never throws stuff away and asked for a chunk of wood.

I painted it and stenciled it and tada!! The Calumet Can is for collecting dull pencils. I always liked Calumet's graphics and this is an old tin can like the ones we used to buy when I was a kid.

On Friday, we went to visit my sister and take K out for a play time again. The twins continue to improve. Little issues come up but continue to resolve themselves rapidly. I am sure the prayer coverage that my sister and her family have from friends, families, and strangers has much to do with the continued healing and growth of the twins.

They have been granted a continuance to stay at the Ronald McDonald house and it looks like they will be there until Wednesday then their social worker is looking into getting them into an off-campus (they currently stay at the hospital location) Ronald McDonald house.

I posted many pictures from our time out with K on my other blog, if you are interested.


  1. What a great pencil sharpener, we also have a similar problem (the small hand held ones are frustrating), I also plan to mount one just you did. I have my old Berol Dexter from when I was a kid!
    I do hope the accomodation situation works out. After my daughter was born she was hospitalized for one month with meningitis, To this day, I am so grateful that the staff made an exception and allowed me to have a cot right beside her for the entire stay.

  2. Once again, you take the seemingly ordinary task of sharpening a pencil...and turn it into a joyous task!

  3. Great pencil sharpener solution. I'm so happy the twins are improving. Will continue to keep them in my prayers.

  4. Great idea with the pencil sharpener! I love the look.
    So glad the twins are improving. prayers continued ♥

  5. Love the pencil sharpener. I get so frustrated, especially with cheap pencils, sharpening them only for the lead to drop out or for the point to be half wood half lead.